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Just As I Am

Carter checks out a woman with neck pain, as Neela assists. The woman says that she helped her brother to move, and aggravated an old injury. Her husband reports that she had an MRI last year and has three slipped disks. Carter asks if there are "any neuro findings." Neela says there aren't. The husband keeps butting in with more details. Neela suggests ordering morphine, but the woman says immediately that it makes her sick to her stomach. The husband insists that Demerol is the only thing that will work. Weaver walks up and overhears this last bit. Carter says that they could try another drug, Toradol, but the woman claims she allergic, and the husband insists again on Demerol. Weaver walks off, and Carter says they'll be right back.

As they walk off, Neela says that the woman's symptoms are consistent with herniated disk syndrome. Carter spits, "Allergic to Toradol. She might as well have told us she's a Demerol addict." Carter and Neela reach Weaver at the desk as their conversation continues. Neela points out that they have no objective test for pain, so they should err on the side of believing the patient. Weaver interrupts, "Give her the Demerol and get her out the door." Then she grabs a chart and walks off. Carter is kind of like, "Well, oooooookaaaaaay." He comments to Neela that Weaver wants to be involved with every case.

Weaver finds Darlene stitching up Mrs. Devon's hand. Weaver comments that the sutures look good, and asks if Pratt showed her the two-layer repair. Darlene is silent. Weaver asks where Pratt is, and Darlene lies that Pratt is looking for supplies. Weaver asks about Charlotte, the daughter, and Darlene latches onto that, saying that Pratt is helping the daughter to find a skilled nursing facility. Weaver just blinks, like, "How dumb do you think I am?"

Pratt presents some patients to Susan. Weaver walks up and asks why his student is unsupervised. Pratt says he has other patients, and runs through his charts to explain how busy he is. He adds that Darlene should be supervised by an intern. Weaver says she asked him to do it. Pratt rolls his eyes at Susan and walks off. Weaver tells Susan to "stay on these residents." Susan volleys back that Pratt isn't the problem (and how many times can you say that?) and adds, "You know that break you took? You may want to take another one." Kerry sucks on a lemon and looks busted.

Weaver asks Frank if she's had any calls, and he says no. She informs everyone that she's going out, and asks Carter to take over her charts. He takes the charts without a word, except for the last one, because he can't believe she's signing out a spinal tap. Neela walks up and says, "So much for every case."

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