Last Rites

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Last Rites

As Jeanie walks into the Pedes department, Kit is telling someone, "We document all consents on the chart." She asks Bob if there's a problem. It ultimately comes out that someone has noticed there was never any consent for the HIV test, and Jeanie admits, without fanfare, that she tested Carlos without consent. Kit makes herself scarce. Jeanie says she was acting in the baby's best interest, and thus "gained ten days of treatment." Bob says, "You broke the law." Jeanie asks if this will affect her chances of getting Carlos as a foster child. He tells her it demonstrates that she obviously cares about the child, but that the director won't approve her attempt to get Carlos as a foster child. As he walks out, she asks if it's because she's black. He says, "What?" in a testy tone of voice. She points out that she's black and the baby's Hispanic, and wants to know if that's why she won't get him. He asks what she takes him for. Her voice breaking, Jeanie says she doesn't know, since he would evidently rather put him in a facility than place him with her after she said she'd take him. Bob says she's not qualified, and that's the only reason. She asks if it's because of her HIV. He says it doesn't help. She says she's healthy. He asks whether she'll still be able to say that when the child is five, or ten. She astutely asks, "Can anyone say that?" Bob says he doesn't know how to tell Jeanie "no" any other way. She starts to argue another tack, and he says again, "It's 'no,' Ms. Boulet." She looks wounded.

Benton wheels the crushed construction worker into the OR while giving Corday the background. Romano stops him in the hall and tells Benton that Corday will take it from here. Benton protests that this is a trauma patient. Romano says, "And your trauma fellowship is through the ER, correct?" Benton says, "Yeah, so?" Romano says that the OR is for surgeons, not trauma fellows. Benton says that he's been operating, as a trauma fellow, for the past three weeks. Romano says that now that he's Chief of Staff, Benton won't be operating anymore. Benton glares. Romano says, "You chose this. Not me." As he goes, he tells Corday to keep Benton out of the OR -- "Call security if you have to" -- and tells her to enjoy her first solo surgery. She calls after him, "Solo?" He says that an Associate Chief can operate by herself. Benton scoffs and takes off in the opposite direction. Corday calls his name, to no response.

Mark sits alone in the hall. Carol comes along and asks if he's okay. Mark starts to sketch out the Terruh case, and then says, "Forget it." Carol suggests that he take some time off. Mark says, "I just had a week off." Carol points out that a parent's funeral isn't a holiday, and is, in fact, one of the most stressful things a person can go through. He says he has to get back to work. Carol makes a "whatever" face, and then hears Vanessa calling, "Why isn't he here?" Carol asks who she's talking about. Vanessa asks why the priest hasn't come. Carol reminds her that Vanessa had expressly told her not to call the priest. Vanessa gets a bit hysterical and cries that she doesn't want to go alone. Carol says she'll go get him. Okay, I'm not wild about Carol, but that really wasn't her fault at all.

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