Last Rites

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Last Rites

At the desk, Carol starts asking around for a priest, but their usual guy is on sabbatical and Randi "Stone Cold" Fronczak doesn't know where his number is. Carol then asks Lucy where Dr. Dave is; Lucy tells her to "try the Coast Guard." Heh. Luka happens to be standing at the desk just then, sans lab coat (and wearing a black blazer, a navy shirt, and a navy tie…huh), so I assume he's on his way out, and asks what the problem is. Carol tells him she has a dying woman whose kidneys are shutting down, and that she needs dopamine. He takes the chart and says, "I've got it." She thanks him.

Corday appears and asks Carol if she's seen Mark. Carol directs her and Corday starts on her way looking for him, only to be cut off at the pass by a tuxedo-clad Romano. He says he heard she "laid up" in the OR today, which apparently is a golf term meaning that she "played it safe -- lived to cut another day." Every facet of her body language screams, "I am not in the mood, pipsqueak," but he goes on, anyway, to assure her that it's not a criticism, and that everyone gets more conservative when they're "in the driver's seat." He concludes with, "Welcome to the big leagues," and starts to go on his way. Her glare, by rights, should burn a hole into his forehead as she grabs his arm and says, "About Peter..." Romano says, "Peter, Peter, Peter. Don't you ever get tired of that subject?" Corday tells him that Benton accepted the trauma fellowship on the assumption that he'd get to operate on his trauma patients. Romano says, "I know. I'm just messing with him." Corday asks if that means Romano will let him operate. Romano says, "For you, Lizzie? Anything." Corday breathes as Romano adds that Benton will only be allowed to operate on his trauma patients, not elective cases, and no general cases, and Corday will have to police him, because Romano doesn't want to deal with him. Corday says, essentially, that that's okay with her. Romano asks if that constitutes her acceptance of his offer. She says she supposes it does. He says, "Wise choice." She turns, presumably to start looking for Mark again, and he stops her and hands her what he says is "a termination list; we need to cut loose some dead weight, and it'll sound better coming from you."

Corday examines the list and, without looking up, asks Carter (as he comes around the corner) if he's seen Mark. Carter says Mark's around somewhere, and then casually adds, "I think you saw a patient of mine in radiology today. Nichols?" Corday says, "Your patient?" Carter, not exactly lying, says that she came in a couple of weeks ago after a fender-bender. He notes that she had some minor cervical tenderness, and asks if he missed something. Corday says no, that it was nothing to do with an accident, and she came for a second opinion. Carter asks, "On what?" Matter-of-factly, Corday replies, "Infiltrating duct cell carcinoma." That doesn't sound good. Carter rears back, and says, "Breast cancer. So she's looking at surgery." Corday confirms that Elaine will have to have a mastectomy. Carter tries to look like this doesn't affect him, but doesn't have to try for long as Haleh hollers down the hall, "This girl's in V-tach."

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