Last Rites

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Last Rites

Carter jogs down the hall. Haleh gives him Terruh's stats, and he tells someone to call Mark, and get the paddles ready. Weaver comes in and announces, "No need, Haleh. She's a D.N.R." Carter sort of shakes his head in a shambling way, and Weaver says she knows he's in an awkward position, and she'll take it from there. Carter says, "You're going to let her arrest." Carter says, "How about a chemical code?" Again, Weaver says, "No. This woman is not. To be. Resuscitated." Carter suggests that they use just an amp of lidocaine, and Weaver says, "She has no chance of a meaningful recovery. She wanted this. Her family wants it. Don't touch her." Carter watches Terruh, helplessly.

Carol walks into Vanessa's room. Luka has removed his tie and is seated beside Vanessa's bed, pretending to be a priest. Um, is it wrong for me to say that I would pretend to be dying if it meant he would touch me on the forehead? I'm not saying I would. I'm just asking.

Mark walks into Terruh's room to see her arresting, and everyone standing around her. Haleh says she's in v-fib. Mark says, "Damn you, Kerry," and pushes people aside. He tells Carter to start C.P.R., and Haleh to charge to two hundred. Neither of them move, and instead look to Weaver for confirmation of Mark's orders. Weaver looks at Mark. He finally registers that no one is listening to him, so he tells Weaver that, as Chief, she has to make a decision: "We do this, or I go." Weaver, don't do it! Carter, who has started C.P.R., watches her. She steps away from the end of the bed, which everyone takes as her tacit approval.

Mark puts the paddles on Terruh's chest.

Luka prays in Latin over Vanessa's bed, as Carol watches, which has to be the weirdest method of seduction I've ever seen.

Terruh's body jerks off the bed. Weaver flinches. Mark gets ready to charge again, as Weaver quietly asks, "How far are you going to go, Mark? She said she wanted a ventilator; did she say she wanted this?" He ignores her, and shocks her again.

More praying.

More shocking.


Weaver goes on, "Did she says she wanted you pounding on her chest? Shocking her heart?" Mark yells, "Shut up, Kerry!"

Luka closes Vanessa's eyes. Carol watches suspiciously.

Terruh's heart monitor goes flatline. Carter continues to pump her chest (which is really, really pink now -- ow), and asks Mark if he wants atropine. Mark says it's over. He calls the time of death and chucks the paddles at the crash cart. Because that's good for the equipment. He stalks out. Weaver goes after him.

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