Last Rites

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Last Rites

In the nursery, Jeanie plays with Carlos, who is still criminally adorable. Kit says it's time for his cocktail. Jeanie asks if there have been any side effects, and the answer is no, and that he's doing better in every respect. Beaming at him as Kit gives him his medication, Jeanie looks happier than she ever has since she's been on this show. Kit says, "Such a good boy. I'm going to miss you!" This pulls Jeanie up short, and she asks if he's being discharged. Kit says that DCFS will be there soon, and that he's going not to a foster family, but to an "emergency intake centre." Jeanie shakes her head and says he needs foster care: "One-on-one nurturing." Kit says that the intake centre is only temporary, and that they'll find a foster family soon. Skeptically, Jeanie asks, "Someone who'll want to adopt an HIV baby? That mother is not going to pull through." Kit tells Jeanie that Carlos's mother died yesterday.

Dr. Luka "Just Don't Ask Me" Kovac examines a boy who remarks, "You talk funny." With the forced geniality of a man who's heard that about four hundred thousand times, he heartily replies, "Thank you!" and looks at the boy's throat. Carol pitches in by telling the patient that Luka talks that way because he comes from very far away. The kid says something that sounds like "Ha ha" (because his tongue is depressed), but Carol interprets this as "How far?" and replies that it's so far away that it's already dark there. Carol, the kid doesn't really give a rat's ass. I guarantee it. Luka diagnoses an upper respiratory infection. The kid's mother asks if he'll need antibiotics, but Luka tells her it's usually viral, and she just needs to give the kid lots of fluids. He walks with Carol to the doorway and orders a quick strep test, just to be sure. Carol acknowledges the request and asks where he's from. Uh. He says, "Croatia," and she says, "Oh. Wow." What a conversationalist. He hands her the chart, and she tells him he forgot Tylenol, and explains that normally the doctors give the nurses a standing order, for fever. Luka says that a fever has a purpose, which is to be the body's natural way to fight infection: "That's good, no?...So why stop it?" Carol says, "To make the kid feel better?" in this extremely condescending voice. Hey Carol -- shut up. He agrees. What was the purpose of that scene? Are we supposed to think that he's cost-conscious, because in Croatia he couldn't give a standing order for Tylenol because there wasn't any, or are we supposed to think he's a sadist for wanting to make a child suffer with a fever? Whatever.

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