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Leave It To Weaver

Benton bursts into an office at a run, and Carla "The Once And Future Renee" Simmons snaps, "You're late." Um, Carla? Darth Vader called -- he wants you to stop using his helmet as a wig. The guy from family counseling introduces himself and gets right down to business, namely "a mediation in which we hope to negotiate an agreement regarding the custody of your son." Family Counselor, who looks frighteningly like Tom Green, says that the session is confidential and nothing said there will wind up as evidence in court. Carla wants to know why they can't just go to court and present the evidence anyway, and Benton growls, "Because this is a court-ordered mediation, Carla," and Carla says icily, "Yeah, because you got a restraining order put out on me and Roger." Yikes. Anyway, Benton reminds her that the restraining order only applies to taking Reese to Germany, where he has "no chance of developing his language skills." Family Counselor tries to break in as Benton explains, "My son is deaf," but Carla talks right over them both, saying that FC knows Reese is deaf, he can read the form, and furthermore, Reese would do just fine with an ASL tutor. FC tries to interrupt again, but Benton ignores him and asks if Carla has a tutor yet, and Carla says all brattily, "I will." Benton starts bitching about German sign language. FC finally gets their attention and redirects it to "the child's needs," and Carla says loftily, "He needs to be with his mother," and Benton adds, "And he needs to be with his father." More sniping from Carla over whether Reese has his own room at Benton's apartment; she thinks he doesn't, but as it turns out, he does, because Benton moved back in with his sister Jackie to give Reese "much more of a, you know, complete family unit" (read: to get free babysitting). Carla shoots back, "As he would with us," and then addresses FC: "His black mother and his black stepfather." Benton demands to know what the hell that means: "What -- because I went out with a white woman?" Carla arches a satisfied eyebrow and smirks, "I'm just sayin'." No, really, she said that. Benton says he can't deal with this. FC says, "Oh, yes, you can -- court-ordered, remember?"

Carter. Elaine. X-ray of Elaine's hand. Elaine's saucy walk over to Carter. Elaine's dorky dialogue: "Not much of a measure of a hand, is it? I mean, of what a hand can do." Like what, Elaine -- jobs? Elaine's unfractured hand. Carter's offer of a ride to Elaine. More vapid banter about Carter family fund-raisers, Carter's "Gamma," and how Carter "will be thinking of" Elaine and vice versa. Not shown: Carter's erection. Also not shown: any compelling reason to give a crap.

In a hallway, Greene hopes aloud that Anspaugh hasn't "already made up his mind," and Weaver points out that, if enough of them come out against Romano, Anspaugh couldn't go ahead and appoint him. Greene wonders, "Will there be enough of us? That's the question," and Weaver asks, "You mean if it comes down to just you and me?" and Greene mumbles, "Don't even think about that." They walk into Anspaugh's conference room, where the head of radiology blathers on about Romano's qualifications, and as Radiology Man winds up, Romano mutters, "No wonder it takes so long to get our X-rays read." The psych guy says he doesn't care that much since they run their own ship in his department, and the cardiology guy says he'll vote for anyone willing to deal with "bureaucratic crap," and then Anspaugh calls on Greene. Greene, after an uncomfortable silence, says he hates to "be the voice of dissent, and it certainly isn't personal, Robert, but I feel I should be honest." Romano says, "Absolutely." Greene says, as Weaver watches him nervously, that "there hasn't been a great deal of support" with Romano as acting chief of the ER, and that "his management style is, I guess, abrupt, and several members of our staff have, uh, well, they've, uh, even found it offensive." Anspaugh tells him to continue. Greene glances at Weaver, who shoots back a worried look as Greene finishes, "I guess I'd have to say that, uh, I'd worry if Dr. Romano was to have the responsibility of [sic] the entire staff and faculty." Romano seethes. Anspaugh thanks Greene for his "candor," and then calls on Weaver, who proceeds to do a complete volte-face. She starts out innocuously enough: "As any of us who have been in management know, it's never easy taking over another department, and I agree with Mark, there have been a few bumps in the road." Mark nods supportively, and Weaver rewards him with a Ginsu to the back: "But I feel Dr. Romano has succeeded in stabilizing the situation, and is now providing some genuine leadership in the emergency department." Anspaugh asks if this means she would support Romano as chief of staff, and as a befuddled Greene stares at her, she says, "I think it's only fair that we give him all the support that we can." She avoids looking at Greene. Romano smirks. I don't know what just happened there, but either Weaver has a long-term plan we don't know about yet, or the writers have decided to turn one of the only female characters with a backbone on this show into a power-hungry careerist bitch. Either way, Baldy got played.

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