Leave It To Weaver

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Leave It To Weaver

Wing: "Hello?"

Sars: "Not. The hell?"

Wing: "I don't know. I do know that I didn't really need to see the entire side of Rebecca DeMornay's breast."

Sars: "Yeah, really. And can I just say -- oh, okay, it's back on."

Weaver and Greene at the roach coach. Greene grabs a burrito and informs Weaver, "You hung me out to dry, Kerry." Weaver explains, as if to a small and distressingly hairless child, "Mark, I'm sorry, but it was obvious Romano was gonna get the job! Imagine how he would have taken it out on the ER if we'd both gone against him." Gesturing with her chocolate milk, she continues, "It just seemed politically smart." Greene grouses that he wound up "sticking his neck out being stupid and honest," and Weaver tells him she only wanted to "protect the department." Greene says that she may believe that, but she shouldn't ask him to. Romano appears from behind the roach coach and observes brightly, "Donald throws the dullest meetings, doesn't he? No wonder we all need a little kick of java." Greene and Weaver say nothing. Romano shows off his freshly-shaven chin and asks what they think of his "new look for a new job." Still, they say nothing. Romano asks to discuss something with Weaver. Greene, disgusted, watches her follow Romano; as she goes, she looks back at Greene over her shoulder. And again I say, "The hell?"

Over at Doc Magoo's, Reggie, a.k.a. "Deshaun Hardell," asks Jeanie if he left his sunglasses at her house. Aw -- they started going out for real! Yay! No, I really mean that. Jeanie says they can check later, and Reggie asks what else the DCFS guy said about the Ortega baby, and Jeanie says DCFS will have a hard time placing the baby, and she couldn't even tell the DCFS guy that the HIV test came up positive because she'd ordered the test illegally. Reggie says he'd think they'd want to know so they could put the baby on "the cocktail," and Jeanie agrees. Then she goes on, "Anyway, I realized that I would be the perfect foster mom for this baby." She certainly knows how to manage the HIV, she says, and Reggie agrees that it sounds perfect, but Jeanie doesn't think the DCFS would agree, given her own HIV status. Reggie points out that she's in better health than half the city, and Jeanie says, "Yeah, but I'm not married." Reggie says, "Yet," and Jeanie giggles instead of answering to that and says that the baby wouldn't have a support system if something happened to her, but apparently, the subject of marriage has come up before. Reggie says they can "take care of that part right now," and Jeanie tries to deflect him by saying she has to get back to work and they should just drink their coffee, and he says no, "not till you say you'll marry me." Damn, Jeanie, if you don't want to marry him, send him my way. They joke about it some more, but then Reggie gets all serious and says, "Jeanie Boulet, will you marry me?" Jeanie half-smiles, but we cut back to the ER before she answers one way or the other.

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