Leave It To Weaver

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Leave It To Weaver

Credits. Newly present: Paul McCrane (Rocket Romano), Goran Visnjic (Luka Kovac), and Michael Michele (Cleo Finch).

Ambulance bay. A blood-spattered Hathaway lowers herself down from the back of the ambulance, and Kerry "Dry" Weaver asks what happened, and as the patient on the gurney asks what happened to her boyfriend, Hathaway reassures Weaver and grumbles, "Oh, man, what a morning."

In one of the trauma rooms, Peter "Get" Benton and Mark "Night On Bald Mountain" Greene work on the punkish guy, who apparently got hurt pretty badly. Punkish Guy screams, "Come on, help me, will ya?" and adds that he wants to "speak to the manager," and Benton says something about the trauma fellowship, which he evidently accepted, and Hathaway comes in and peeks over Benton's shoulder at Punkish Guy, and Greene asks PG if he takes any medication or has any allergies, and PG bellows, "No, you sons of bitches, just, just give me something for the pain," and Hathaway raises a disapproving eyebrow and shakes her head again. Greene orders morphine and PG tells Hathaway he's seen her somewhere. She reminds him archly that he saw her at the coffee shop, and on the El before that, and PG gasps, "You work here?" and Greene says, "She's the manager," and PG yelps, "Oh, man!" Moments later, PG starts bleeding out. Welcome to bad-manners karma, Punkish Guy.

At the front desk, Randi The Convicted Felon gives Weaver a status report, and Weaver tells her to close the ER to trauma. Extras dash around in the background. Enter Lucy "Non-Dark And Non-Stormy" Knight, sporting a retina-scorching shade of Miss Clairol. She trails Weaver down the hall and asks her what to give the Rollerblade woman for the pain, and Weaver tells her a dosage and says she'll come back. Randi wants to know when the moonlighting doctor, Dr. Kovac, gets in, and Weaver tells her to check the board as she whips back a sheet on a gurney to reveal a corpse -- the driver of the truck that wrecked the coffee shop, kitted out in Reverend Camden's Tin Man heart-attack make-up from Seventh Heaven -- and tells Randi to call transport to take him to the morgue, and she takes off again. A guy in light purple polo shirt follows Weaver and asks when he can get some medication for the "one mother of a migraine" he has, and Weaver says that they'll get to him as soon as they can. Migraine Guy then announces that he "shoved" a Compazine suppository "right up" his "ass." Wow, thank you for telling me that (tm David from Real World Boston). Weaver tells him sharply that really, someone will get to him shortly, and Randi flags Weaver with a phone call.

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