Leave It To Weaver

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Leave It To Weaver

Back to the trauma room. Greene leaves Benton waiting for an OR for Punkish Guy and goes next door with Hathaway to find the mother of Balloon Brat frantically asking where her daughter got to. Hathaway says she'll look for the Brat, and Lydia points out a laceration on Hathaway's arm, which Greene offers to suture, but Hathaway says she's okay. Elizabeth "I Deserve Better" Corday asks Balloon Brat's mom where it hurts, and BBM says it hurts all over her chest and she can't breathe; Greene and Corday intubate her.

Randi comes in with a Dr. Cameron, who had a coffee meeting with Corday; Corday apologizes, but "I'm a bit involved here," and Cameron asks if he can "hang out" and watch and Corday says okay and introduces him to Greene. Then Cameron's beeper goes off, so he leaves, and Corday explains as she and Greene put on blue X-ray-proof aprons that she has an interview with Dr. Cameron for the cardiothoracic job at Rush, and Greene says, "I thought you had that sewed up with Romano," and Corday remarks rather bitterly that she thought she should "check out other opportunities" because she doesn't exactly thrill to "the prospect of Romano." Greene agrees with her, and so do I. Corday apologizes; she thought she'd mentioned it. Greene says that she doesn't have to tell him everything. Corday looks worried. I guess this means they have a relationship now. Yuck.

Hathaway, looking for Michelle (a.k.a. Balloon Brat), and not finding her in the curtain area. John "Resident With A Whip" Carter and Donald "Potato Ass" Anspaugh turn around and say no, they haven't seen her, but they do have a Rollerblader, and Hathaway says she's looking for him too, and Anspaugh says that if the lavage is positive, the Rollerblader will have to go to the OR. Haleh takes a phone call for Anspaugh about a report, and he bitches about the fact that "they call during a trauma," as well as about "the mind-numbing day-to-day detritus of this job." Anspaugh bustles over to pick up the phone; meantime, Haleh and Chuny whisper about the rumor that Anspaugh plans to quit as chief of staff, and Carter makes disbelieving noises and says he didn't hear anything about it, and Chuny says that "residents are out of the loop" as Haleh nods knowingly. Carter asks why Anspaugh would do that, and Chuny refers to "something about the day-to-day whatever of his job," and Anspaugh asks about the lavage, and Carter holds up a bag, supposedly full of blood, which looks like Kool-Aid, and Anspaugh barks, "Okay, prep for transfer."

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