Leave It To Weaver

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Leave It To Weaver

Out in the hall, Weaver and Greene yell at people to proceed slowly and quietly to the ambulance bay, which the people in question totally do not do, and Hathaway wants to know, "Where the hell's the fire?" and Greene doesn't know and tells her to clear the exam rooms. Benton and Carter continue working on Punkish Guy, and Conni yells, "What about the fire?" and Benton yells back, "Let's save his life first!" More yelling about internal paddles and ligated mammary arteries.

In the hall, Migraine Guy stands next to the fire alarm, resting his head on his forearm. Randi finds him, grabs his shoulder, and demands, "Don't tell me you just pulled that thing." MG snarls, "Maybe now I'll get some attention." MG's got that right -- Randi takes a wind-up and punches MG dead in the face. Heh! Go, Randi. Weaver tells Randi to get back to the desk, and orders MG, "You stay down -- you move, and I'll let her at ya." Chuny walks down the hall, yelling in two languages that it's a false alarm and nobody needs to evacuate, and as she passes the door, Luka comes into the ER carrying Michelle.

Trauma room. Nurses shouting updates, Yosh noticing they've nearly run out of oxygen. Benton telling Carter to get another cylinder. Carter grabbing a fresh cylinder and propping it on the end of the gurney as they head for the OR with Punkish Guy; the gurney crashing into a linen cart, and the oxygen canister falling to the ground and rupturing and shooting off down the hallway. A semi-cool slo-mo shot of everyone in the hall leaping out of the canister's path, followed by a super-cool "canister-cam" shot of feet jumping out of the way, followed by the canister embedding itself in a door and spraying oxygen everywhere. Luka, walking past, asks Michelle, "Have you ever been to the circus?" and when she says no, he tells her, "You have now." Like, ha ha. Not.

Sars: "Not! Line."

Wing: "Not. Haven't we seen the Day Of Great Chaos Season Premiere before?"

Sars: "Yeah, good thing they don't trot it out every year or anything."

Sars and Wing: "Oh, wait. They do."

Malik tells Chuny how to open an oxygen canister, saying something about bringing them to parties. Um, Malik? I think you'd have more fun with nitrous oxide. Not that I'd know anything about that. Anyhow. Weaver leans over the desk and tells them to find Migraine Guy and medicate him; Greene adds, "And then call the police and report him for inciting a riot." Way to take control after the fact, Mark. Not. Kovac says he needs a room for Michelle. Weaver tells him that the hospital has a pediatric resident who'll take her, and Hathaway says, "Cleo's not on yet," and Weaver says, "She's due shortly." Kovac tells them that Michelle wants to see her mother, and Greene says, "It's probably not a good idea -- she's been intubated, and she's on bypass." Weaver tells Kovac they have plenty of other patients who need suturing, and Kovac says he'll check the board. Greene announces his intention to try to find Anspaugh. He and Kovac both disappear, and the Steadicam follows Weaver as Lucy runs up to tell her the films came back on the Rollerblader, and Yosh runs up from the other direction to say that one last critical patient, whom the EMS workers found under the rubble, has arrived from the coffee-shop accident. Weaver yells something about "another lac for Dr. Kovac" to Hathaway, who says, "Got it," and while Weaver tells Lucy that she'll give her a few articles each week to read and discuss, Hathaway looks down the hall and sees Kovac carrying Michelle into her mother's trauma room. Weaver and Lucy walk outside, gowning up. Cleo Finch, the new pediatric resident, jogs up, and Weaver briefs her on Michelle, and Lucy asks Finch if she always jogs to work, and Finch shrugs and says, "It's only four miles." Yeah, she's an overachiever. We get it. Weaver watches her go and says, "It makes you want to dislike her, doesn't it?" ["Because women are catty about women they think are more attractive than they are, particularly in professional settings. Whatever. -- Wing Chun]

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