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Loose Ends


The camera pans up Kenny Latimer as his mother asks Chen why Kenny still hasn't woken up. Chen explains that Kenny's genetic disorder prevents him from burning fat for energy, and that when he got sick, his blood sugar dropped, causing his seizure. Mr. Latimer asks whether the length of Kenny's seizure will result in brain damage, and Chen tells him that they should wait for the results of the EEG. Mrs. Latimer says that Kenny was born at County, and she doesn't understand why no one told them Kenny had this condition. Chen tells her that Chicago hospitals don't screen for rare metabolic disorders. "But some hospitals do?" Mrs. Latimer asks. Chen says that, in some states, they do. Mr. Latimer asks whether there's anything they could have done to prevent or shorten Kenny's seizure if they'd known about his M-CAD. Chen looks shifty, and Mr. Latimer begs her to answer. Chen finally admits, "If you had given Kenny sugar water when he first got sick, you could have prevented the seizure." "Sugar water?" Mr. Latimer repeats, in disbelief. "Oh my god!" Mrs. Latimer sobs. Chen looks guilty.

Carter drops off a chart at the desk and tells Dr. Dave, who's standing there, that he just sent their patient up to the OR. Dr. Dave snottily comments that he hopes Carter "didn't cause any myocardial damage." Carter smugly tells Dr. Dave "it was as easy as threading a needle." The radio beeps a couple of times, followed by an oddly unprofessional voice saying, "Hello? I'm in an ambulance, bringing in some sick people." Carter asks, "What unit is this?" and the voice replies, "How the hell should I know? I was on my way to Mercy for a wound check when they flagged me down." "Who is this?" asks a thick-as-two-short-planks Carter. Duh, it's Mr. Barclay. Amira calls Dr. Dave over and he leans in to berate Mr. Barclay for his innovative solution to delays in health-care service. Mr. Barclay explains that he picked up some patients who ate some bad kielbasa. Doris, hearing the commotion, stomps over and demands, "Is that the jerk who stole my rig?" Dr. Dave asks Mr. Barclay whether the patients are stable, and Mr Barclay snaps, "I don't know, man -- they're puking." Doris tells him very emphatically not to let the patients puke on the floor, since she just cleaned her rig. Carter tells Dr. Dave that since he's "already established a relationship with the patient," Dr. Dave should take care of him. Amira, in the centre of the action, looks amused and very pretty -- particularly with the bangs she's had cut since the last time she was on the show.

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