Loose Ends

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Loose Ends

Elizabeth prepares to leave Mark's place, telling him to call her if there's any change. Mark says he will. Elizabeth stops at Holling's bed, takes his hand, and tells him she has to get back to the hospital. "A doctor's work is never done," Holling says gruffly. "I'm afraid so," she agrees cheerfully. "Wait," he says, "I have something I want to give you. Mark, get that little green box out of the top desk drawer." As Mark carries out the order, Elizabeth says, "It's not necessary." "I know," Holling says, and, opening the box to reveal a strand of pearls, continues, "These belonged to Mark's mother. I came them to her on her wedding day. I want you to have them." Elizabeth, evidently quite moved, says, "I can't." Holling, without breaking his gaze, simply says, "Please." Elizabeth struggles to maintain her composure as she gingerly reaches for the pearls and says, "They're lovely. Thank you." To Mark, Holling says, "Don't just stand there. Help her put them on!" Elizabeth unclasps them and Mark gently winds the strand around her neck and closes the clasp. Holling watches the transaction, and says, "She looks beautiful, doesn't she, Mark?" "Yeah, she does," Mark agrees. Even in her scrubs and her frazzled midday hair, she really does.

I'll tell you Where the Heart Is: IN MY PANTS! (tm Bryan)

Chen stomps into the lounge, where Robert "Rocket" Romano is pouring himself a cup of coffee. "Hello, Jing," he says. "Oh, it's Jing-Mei," she replies angrily. As she gets a carton of milk out of the fridge, he notes that she seems upset, and asks if somebody died. She tells him County should be screening infants for rare metabolic disorders. He asks what she's talking about, and she tells him about Kenny, adding that a twenty-five dollar test administered when he was born could have prevented the seizure he sustained today. Romano says that if County tested for every metabolic disorder, they'd "be spending millions of dollars to identify a tiny handful of kids." He strides out of the lounge, and she races after him to say that if she'd known what Kenny had, she would have treated him differently, and might have been able to stop the seizure more quickly. He flippantly tells her not to blame herself: "It's all a question of allocation of precious resources. We have to draw the line somewhere" Chen says, again, that they should offer the test, and Romano says, again, that the hospital can't afford it. She invites him to explain that to Kenny's family: "They're in the PICU, waiting to see if their son comes out of a coma." She stomps off, and he watches her go with a shrug. Oh, women.

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