Loose Ends

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Loose Ends

In the ambulance bay, various personnel help unload vomiting patients from Doris's rig. Carter catches Dr. Dave to tell him there's a father/daughter MVA coming in and asks Dr. Dave to help him with it. Doris asks Mr. Barclay to come inside. He asks her if he's going to get his wound check. "Oh, yeah, you're gonna get your wound check," she assures him. Hee!

Dr. Dave and Carter lift the car-accident victims out of the next ambulance. The paramedic says that the car was rear-ended at a red light, and that the six-year-old girl, who was restrained in the back seat, now complains of neck pain. Car Crash Girl says that she wants to stay with her dad, but Carter tells her that Dr. Dave will take good care of her. The driver comes out next; he didn't have his seatbelt on and banged his knee into the dashboard, in addition to sustaining a facial laceration. Carter asks whether his wife has been informed, but the paramedic says that they're divorced; the ex-wife lives in Pittsburgh, and the daughter is visiting for two weeks. Carter assesses a dislocated knee, which Car Crash Dad says "hurts like you wouldn't believe." Carter asks Lisa whether she's ever reduced a patella, and when she says no, tells her, "Well, you will now."

Elizabeth steps off the elevator and into the hall, where Dr. De Raad is writing on a chart. She asks him if he saw her patient; he says she's what he's writing about. Elizabeth thanks him, and he warns her, "Don't thank me yet." He hands her the chart, and explains, "I'm removing the psych hold." Elizabeth tells him he must be crazy, and that Claire is starving herself to death. De Raad says she may be, but that he can't compel her to stay against her will: "She has a job, she's not delusional, and she's not an immediate threat to herself or anybody else." Dumbfounded, Elizabeth exclaims, "She could go into kidney failure, arrhythmia -- what does it take for her to get treatment?" "Her consent," says De Raad simply, adding, "Lots of people do bad things to themselves -- they smoke, they drink, they eat fatty foods, and they drive without seatbelts, but we don't lock them up." Angrily, Elizabeth says, "So we're supposed to stand by and do nothing?" "Claire has the right to make her own decisions, even if they're bad ones," De Raad says firmly. "Well, there's got to be something I can do," Elizabeth says curtly in a thanks-for-nothing tone of voice. De Raad tells her that if she can convince Claire to stay, he'll admit her to the psych ward, but otherwise Elizabeth will have to release her. Poor Claire. Someone should have told her that, The Breakfast Club notwithstanding, "Claire" is not a fat girl's name.

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