Loose Ends

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Loose Ends

Elizabeth walks into Mark's apartment, where he's fussing with a bunch of papers. She says, "I'm so sorry," and, without looking up, he nods. She asks if she can do anything, and he says, attempting to sound bright but sounding more strained by the effort that takes, "Not really. I've called all his Navy pals in San Diego. I just got off the phone with Rachel. I've got some forms to fill out. His taxes...Mom used to do his taxes, so they're kind of a mess. And his house...Uh, I've got to sell the house. I promised him that I wouldn't sell the house, when he came out here, but I...don't see a reason to keep it." He starts sobbing. Elizabeth reaches down and holds his back to her chest. I'm sad about Holling's death too, but God help me, Anthony Edwards looks even more like a penis when he cries.

Next week: Carol hits the road, Jack. Sars, relish it!

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