Loose Ends

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Loose Ends

As they walk away from Claire's bed, Elizabeth enumerates for Lydia secondary symptoms she's observed: "Her gag is absent. Her tooth enamel's eroded. She's severely malnourished. She's anorectic and bulimic and I don't want her leaving." "What can we do?" Lydia asks. "We'll get psych down here to put a hold on her," Elizabeth replies.

Luka pushes a gurney containing a patient who was a victim of "hammer versus scalp." Weaver crutches along beside and asks whether Luka's seen Carol, and he says he hasn't "since early this morning." Weaver tells him Carol's supposed to be working on Weaver's paramedic data. Luka asks Weaver if she's paged Carol. "Twice," Weaver replies. Luka offers, "It's her birthday. I bet some of the nurses took her to Doc Magoo's for breakfast." "I certainly hope not," Weaver snaps. Dude, I know you put the memo in her box a week ago, but you could have followed it up with her before today.

Back with Wheezy Old Man, Lisa is getting ready to intubate. Carter walks her through it. Dr. Dave advises her to "slide that baby down," but Carter tells her to go slowly. The TV screen shows a lot more of WOM's throat than I would like to see. Lisa gets it with no trouble and comments that it "wasn't so hard." Dr. Dave agrees: "It's easy when you've got a good teacher," apparently indicating himself. "You're right," Lisa says, and as she turns her head, we cut to a shot of the screen-within-a-screen, which displays Carter. Ow! Hey, I was going to make a grilled cheese sandwich in that skillet later; now my hair's all over it. Anyway, I think we get it: Carter's decided to respond to his attack by becoming Superteacher, and what with the working out, he -- OW! Look, I GOT IT!

In his apartment, Mark tells Holling he's "wheezing again." Mark asks if he wants "another breathing treatment," and Holling says he doesn't. Mark asks whether Holling's having any chest pain, and Holling, a little surprised, says, "No. That last stuff worked pretty good!" Mark prepares a vial of antibiotics and then, as he's shaking it and looking worriedly at Holling, he drops it, and it smashes on the floor. "Dammit!" he yells, and when he kneels down to clean it up, he grinds some broken glass into the heel of his hand. Holling notices that Mark's bleeding on the floor. Mark tries to ignore his own injury, but Holling's having none of it: "Shouldn't you keep pressure on that?" "I know, Dad," Mark says, winding toilet paper around his hand. "Keep your hand above your heart," Holling continues, "that's supposed to stop the bleeding. You need stitches." Mark firmly says that he's not going to leave Holling alone. "You're the doctor," Holling mutters. Heh. Oh, Holling, I miss you already.

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