Loose Ends

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Loose Ends

Okay, who here watched the NBC Movie Event Jason and the Hair Extensions? Me neither.

Dr. Dave scans the board and offers to "take the foreign body in the eye." Maybe the foreign body is a fork? Shout-out? ["Yeah, that was me. The next time they pan across chairs, look for the back of my head." -- Sars] Amira tells him that Carter the Unstoppable Resident has already taken it. Dr. Dave says that, in that case, he'll take the dislocated hip, but Carter's got that one too. Dr. Dave tells Amira to "tell Dr. Carter that if he wants to see all the patients, [Dr. Dave] will be more than happy to go home." Amira cheerfully directs him to Mr. Barclay, in chairs, who's at the hospital for a wound check. Dr. Dave greets him, but just as Mr. Barclay manages to tell Dr. Dave that "this thing's been draining like crazy," Malik blows by and tells Dr. Dave that Wheezy Old Man has stopped breathing. Dr. Dave takes off to attend him, and hands off Mr. Barclay's chart to Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen as he passes her. Mr. Barclay starts to give Chen the background on his burnt arm when a patient comes in from the ambulance bay; Chen hands Mr. Barclay his own chart and gets the bullet on Kenny Latimer, age four, who's been seizing for twenty minutes and has had no response to Ativan. Mr. Barclay follows the gurney and yells, "I was here first!" You know what else was here first -- before you, in fact? My last nerve. Get off it.

In the pedes ER, Yosh and Haleh assist Chen, who calls out orders. She asks Kenny's parents whether Kenny's ever had seizures before, and they assure her they haven't, and that he's always been perfectly healthy. Chen asks whether he might have ingested any medicine, or any poison, but Mrs. Latimer says that they keep all that stuff locked where Kenny can't get it. Mr. Latimer says that Kenny complained of a sore throat last night, and Mrs. Latimer says that this morning she tried to get him to eat, but all he wanted to do was sleep, and the next thing she knew, he was seizing. Haleh asks Chen whether she wants to intubate, and Chen says, "Only if his sats keep falling." Yosh tells Chen that Kenny's blood glucose is "really low -- it's under forty." Chen says (for the benefit of the radio audience) that seizures can lower blood sugar. She calls out one last order and tells Yosh to "get Weaver -- now!"

Luka is following a gurney down the hall when Benton catches up with him and asks whether Luka remembers seeing Mr. Fulton, who'd come in with vascular insufficiency and an ulcerated toe. Luka asks to see Fulton's chart and, as he's perusing it, Benton tells him that Fulton's back, and that now his toe is gangrenous. Luka says that he does remember Mr. Fulton, and that he debrided the wound and gave him trental. "I'm sorry he's back," he adds. Benton tells Luka about Mr. Fulton's imminent amputation, and says that it could have been avoided if Mr. Fulton had visited the vascular clinic. Luka, getting testy, says, "As you can see on the chart, I made the referral." Benton snaps, "He's a high-risk patient with no insurance. He lives alone. He needed follow-up." Luka says, " And I provided that. I made an appointment with vascular. I can't be responsible for his medical care outside the ER." Benton, more agitated, says, "Right, but did you put him on the nurses' callback list, or did you phone him yourself?" Luka sniffs, "Do you call back every patient you see down here?" Benton says, "The ones at high risk, I do." "Really," says Luka. Benton PSAs, "Older African-American men are at high risk for amputation because they're not treated aggressively. You should know that." "I do," Luka replies. "Well, then, why didn't you call him?" Benton demands. "What are you saying?" Luka asks. "I'm saying that there's more to emergency medicine than treating and streeting patients," Benton declares. Luka snaps, "That's one more thing you don't have to teach me," and gets into an elevator. Benton fumes.

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