Loose Ends

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Loose Ends

Weaver crutches into the pedes ER and asks how long Kenny's been seizing. Haleh says it's been over thirty minutes, so Weaver orders dilantin. Chen asks Yosh for Kenny's blood sugar; when he tells her it's still under forty, she orders D-25. To Weaver, she says, "I don't understand. How can the glucose level still be so low?" Weaver tells her it may be an insulinoma or a metabolic disorder. She orders more tests from Haleh -- an insulin, an ammonia level, and a uric acid. Abruptly, Kenny stops seizing. Weaver orders a dextrose drip and adds that his blood sugar should be checked every twenty minutes: "His brain can't tolerate another seizure." Mrs. Latimer asks, "Why isn't he awake?" Weaver crutches out to explain that "it's normal for him to sleep after something like this." Mr. Latimer asks, "But he will wake up, right?" By way of answer, Weaver suggests that they stay with him, since Kenny might be scared to wake up in a strange place. They thank her, and Chen.

In the hall, Weaver tells Chen to get a head CT and an EEG. Chen asks what she's thinking, and Weaver says she doesn't know, but says that the D-25 should have corrected the hypoglycemia, and that, since it didn't, something else must be going on. Hearing a high-pitched beep, Weaver crutches into a curtain area and then crutches out to ask a passing Chuny whether the beeping machine is attached to one of Chuny's patients. Chuny says the patient is Carol's, no surprise. Weaver asks him to change the patient's IV bag, which is the source of the beeping, but Chuny's already "got a guy puking all over exam two," and can't. Weaver quickly crutches up to Carol as she comes around the corner and tells her about the beeping patient. Carol mumbles, "Oh, yeah. Right," as if in a daze and hurries over to the patient's bedside. Weaver watches her go with obvious concern, and then follows.

In the curtain area, Weaver notes that it's not like Carol to let a patient's IV bag run dry. Carol apologizes. Weaver asks whether there's anything bothering her, but Carol says there isn't. Weaver kindly asks, "Are you sure?" Carol rears up and snaps, "If you have a problem with me, Kerry, you should just go ahead and say it." Weaver puts up both her palms in a "whoa!" motion and says, "Don't get so defensive. I'm just asking what's going on." Carol's voice breaks as she yells, "I am taking care of ten patients, I have two babies up in day care, and you're constantly on my back!" Um, Carol? Yeah, that's why she offered to relieve you of one or two of your responsibilities if you were feeling overwhelmed. It's not her fault you had twins; that she can't control. She can control the amount of work you have, as she has already offered, once, to do, and I would say that if you keep smarting off at her, she could control that amount of work straight on down to NONE by firing your snotty ass, so SHUTTIE. Weaver, obviously taken aback, curtly replies, "Stay on top of things, and I won't bother you again." Carol turns her back on Weaver, who stomps out.

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