Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

10:12 PM. Carol seems to have just fetched Mark; he asks how frequent Jodi's contractions are, and Carol tells him they're every ten minutes or so. In the exam room, Carter's standing by the bed as Jodi painfully exhales, "Let's let Dr. Greene decide." Sean yelps, "You're kidding!" Jodi matter-of-factly tells him, "We can't call him 'Baby X' when we call our parents." Mark takes a look at Jodi's action and reports, "Five centimetres dilated, 90% effaced, station minus two, membranes intact." Jodi sarcastically asks Carter, "You wanna look, too?" Carter grins, "May I?" Jodi sighs, "Why not? Everybody else has been poking around down there." As Carter literally rolls up his sleeves to get a better purchase on Jodi's genitals, Jodi hands Mark two lists. Mark reads, "Ian. Patrick. Dermot." "Sounds like the cast of Finian's Rainbow," Jodi snorts, before reproachfully exclaiming, "Ow!" in Carter's direction. Carter apologizes. "Hunter?" Mark reads. "Hunter...O'Brian?" says Sean, trying it out. Mark asks Carter, "You agree with my assessment?" Carter says he does. Mark tells Jodi that her labour is progressing normally, and quickly, and that the baby's looking great. Sean glances at the fetal heart monitor, and asks Mark whether it's normal for the baby's heart rate to go down. Cut to the monitor, which shows the heart rate at 129, and then suddenly 121. Mark calmly says that it is normal, as long as it's only briefly, and as long as the heart rate stays over 120. Mark glances back at the lists of names and observes, "Jared's on both lists." Jodi and Sean both make dismissive noises at that one. Mark heartily orders, "Compromise is the soul of marriage. Jared it is." He leaves, and Sean and Jodi both repeat "Jared" a few times, evidently warming up to it.

11:47 PM. In the hall, Susan signs the little old lady's get-well card, saying she hopes the lady feels better. In the foreground, Carter futzes with beakers and such. Mark comes up alongside Susan, and she asks him why the OB case (a.k.a. "Jodi") is still in the OR. Mark irritably says that they're still busy upstairs, and that he has to call again. As he's reaching for the phone, Sean runs out to the hall and breathlessly cries, "Something's wrong! The baby's heart...the monitor's down to 90! Something's not right!" Carter, Susan, and Mark take off running. Sean, no dummy, figures, "It's not supposed to go that low, right?" Well, no -- but surely Mark knows how to fix it.

OR. Mrs. Benton is being wheeled out of recovery, and Benton and Jackie greet her warmly. Benton asks Blair, "Why so long in recovery?" Blair points out, "She's seventy-six!" Benton starts sticking his nose in, and Blair grabs the chart back, snapping, "She may be your mother, but she's my patient. We're taking the OR elevator. She's going to 604." The surgical team wheels Mrs. Benton away, as Benton, Jackie, and Frank nervously watch her departure. Jackie murmurs, "It was bound to happen sooner or later, Peter." Benton wraps his arm around Jackie's shoulders and huffs, looking lost.

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