Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

12:45 AM. Jodi is in labour, her hairline dark with sweat; she's screaming with pain and the effort of pushing. Sean recommends that she try to take some deep, cleansing breaths, but she sits straight up and bellows, "Shut up, Sean!" None of the ER staff gathered around her bed -- including Carol, Mark, Carter, and Susan -- seems surprised or alarmed by her mood. Mark asks Carol to call OB, and then asks Jodi how she's doing. Sarcastically, she tells him, "I believe I'll have an epidural." Susan says that "contractions are two to three minutes apart," and Jodi barks, "No kidding." Hee. Susan tells Mark, "Tracing's showing reduced reactivity." Sean asks, "What's that?" Mark explains, "The baby's heart rate is reacting or varying less than it should, but babies sleep in twenty-minute cycles, so what we want to do is wake him up." Mark applies some kind of small, hand-held device to Jodi's belly; it makes a brief whirring sound, and then the read-out on one of the machines shows a change. Confidently, Mark tells the room at large that they woke the baby. To Carol, Mark urgently but quietly says, "Get an ETA on Coburn." Carol takes off. Some dude wanders in, and cheerfully introduces himself: "I'm Dr. Urami, [from] Anaesthesiology. I'm here to do your epidural." Jodi emphatically welcomes him: "Oh, yes, please. Let's do that."

2:30 AM. The room is much more calm. Susan asks Jodi, "How's that epidural?" "Wooooonderful," Jodi drawls. Sean is leaning on his elbows on the bed, flipping through a few photos (which I'll assume are from the ultrasound) and saying he'll have to show them to his students. Chen, standing beside Sean, gives him a wary look. Jodi, through the epidural fog, murmurs, "Eighth-graders?" Sean says it'll be like show and tell. "In Math class?" Jodi asks dubiously. Carter, Carol, and Mark have been messing around in the neighbourhood of Jodi's action, and Mark exposits that they're going to get a pressure reading from inside Jodi's uterus. Carter is staring so intently up Jodi that he probably has a clear view of her epiglottis. Mark blathers about scalp electrodes until Jodi asks Carter, "Enjoying the show?" "Yeah," Carter mutters distractedly, before realizing what he's just said, straightening up, clearing his throat, and correcting himself, "I mean, no." Jodi and Sean share an amused look, as he smooths the hair off her forehead. Mark declares, "She's eight centimetres dilated, completely effaced: won't be long." Susan, still examining the print-out from the fetal monitor, immediately contradicts him: "There's another decel." Mark looks over her shoulder, adding, "Variable, with a late component." Susan and Mark are clearly both concerned, and trying to cover it: Mark's voice gets high and tight as he calls out, "Let's infuse 500 ccs normal saline through the uterine catheter....We need to get her up to OB." Carol leaves, saying she'll try to "light a fire under someone." Sean asks whether something's wrong, and Mark -- not at all convincingly, of course -- assures Sean without meeting his eye that they're fine. Before Carol's out of the room, he calls after her in a strangled voice, "Page Coburn again!" Susan studies Mark's face for a moment, but quickly turns away as soon as Mark is about to look back at her.

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