Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

4:13 AM. Carter tears down the stairs and into Jodi's room, where he announces, "OB's got two C-sections and three imminent deliveries." Susan quietly promises Mark, "No one will blame you if you wait for OB!" Mark counters that "the baby monitor says it's now or never." Susan rhetorically asks, "Why put your ass on the line?" Mark, sounding totally unprepared and terrified, tells her, "Because I've come this far -- I'm going to see it through." This, by the way, for those keeping track, is really the moment where everything goes to shit and Mark becomes responsible for everything bad that ensues. At this point, Jodi's in pain, but she's still stable. Sure, Mark claims it's "now or never" according to the baby monitor, but Susan's been hovering over that monitor for hours; if she also thought there was a serious problem, she wouldn't advise him to wait for OB. Mark isn't thinking clearly as to what is best for Jodi and the baby; he's still anxious and unnerved because he misdiagnosed her in the first place, and as each new thing goes wrong, he's all the more determined to fix what he may have broken in the first place -- which would be sweet and admirable if he were actually qualified to fix it. But he's not qualified, and that's why his time would have been put to more productive use by his running upstairs himself and pleading his case to OB in person, begging someone to come down and take over Jodi's clearly very unusual and complicated case. ["I'm slightly more sympathetic with Mark here, but I do agree that he should have marched his own ass upstairs and physically escorted an OB resident downstairs to handle the situation; every time I see this ep and he tells somebody to 'drag such-and-so down from OB,' I'm like, 'Dude -- do it yourself!' But he never does. Sigh." -- Sars]

But Mark doesn't do that. He takes his place beside Jodi's bed. We can tell some bad shit is about to go down as the pulsing synthesizers start to thrum on the soundtrack. Mark asks where Coburn is, and Carol tells him she's in transit. Mark anxiously asks whether she's travelling by camel. Mark quickly dips a pair of forceps in what I think is a steel bowl of betadine. Even as all the chaos and bad news (blood pressure climbing, the baby "bradying down") swirls around the room, we see Sean smiling at Jodi and trying to keep her focused on him. Mark tells Jodi not to push, and asks for a median episiotomy. Eeeeyow. None of the medical staff looks at all confident in what they're doing. Mark calls out, "Here comes the head....It's coming!" Jodi looks exhausted and still in terrible pain, but at the news that they can see the head, she manages to smile at Sean. Cut to said head as Mark tries to guide it, and the body to which it belongs, out of Jodi. Sean and Jodi kiss. Susan rather urgently tells Mark to "get him out!" Mark says that the baby is stuck, and that they have a case of "shoulder dystocia." Sean snaps, "What's that?" Mark explains that the baby's shoulder is hung up on Jodi's pubic bone. Jodi starts to cry as an anonymous nurse slips an oxygen mask over Jodi's face. Something starts beeping in a less than encouraging fashion. "Oh my god!" Chen gasps -- which I'm sure is exactly what Jodi wants to hear from someone attending at the birth of her child. Someone notes that the monitor's not reading, and Mark says, "Leads off," but I can't tell if he's intentionally removed the leads, or if they've accidentally fallen off. Oh man, I can't believe I never noticed this before in the many times I've watched this episode: the baby -- whose head is out in the world but whose body is still stuck inside his mom -- starts to cry. Which means, I think, that he is ready to come the fuck out. The crying (understandably, if you ask me) rattles Mark, who hastily calls for a "MacRoberts Maneuver." In order to perform it, personnel must raise Jodi's legs straight up on the air while someone pushes down on Jodi's abdomen, all in an effort to free the baby's shoulders. The baby, by the way? Still intermittently crying. His shoulders? Still stuck. Mark screams for someone to stat-page OB. "Do something!" Sean yells. Mark seems to be running out of tricks, and suggests they try "a Woods." He asks Susan to extend the episiotomy. Jodi sounds like she's hyperventilating. Susan suggests that Mark "try to deliver the posterior shoulder." Mark says the baby's "jammed in." Sean loses it and shrieks, "Why can't you deliver this baby?" Carol snaps, "Mr. O'Brian -- please." Mark decides that the Woods isn't working either, and changes tactics to attempt "a Zavenelli." Carter's all, "Huh?" Mark explains that they're "going to push the baby back in." Um. But the baby's sort of...out. He's breathing. He's crying! If you cram him back in, won't he suffocate? I guess not, since no one seems to argue. Carter asks what happens after they get the baby back in Jodi. Mark doesn't really answer, but tells someone to roll Jodi onto her left side. Jodi sobs. Mark tells Susan to "get [her] hand in here," and calls for a Caesarean tray. They throw a sheet over Jodi and prepare to move her to Trauma One. Mark asks someone to see whether Benton's still in the hospital.

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