Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

4:42 AM. Mark hands the baby to Susan and instructs her to "bag him." The sheet covering Jodi's abdomen and crotch is completely sodden with blood. Mark calls Carter over and instructs him to follow Mark's hand into Jodi's gaping incision, and to find Jodi's aorta. (Mark's helpful hint? "It's pulsing." Thanks, chief.) Carter finds it. Mark tells Carter to push down on it and not to let go. Mark moves toward the plexiglass crib where Susan, Carol, and some other anonymous nurse are working on Jared; Chen quavers, "Is he alive?" Mark pulls over a tray of instruments and orders everyone out of the way (because that's worked so well so far), and announces that he's going to intubate. Susan gives him a "sure, why not make another risky decision that could well make matters worse?" look, but doesn't contradict him. Mark orders a "heel stick of glucose." After a few moments during which it's clear that pretty much no one knows what they're doing, Mark hesitantly declares, "I think I'm in." He tells the anonymous nurse to bag Jared; that seems to do the trick, and Jared's chest expands as a result of the bagging. Mark orders a drug. Susan says Jared's "got no veins," and Mark tells her, "Hyperventilate him; I'm going to try an umbilical line." In the hall, Sean watches silently. Cut to Jodi's face; she's still out cold. Mark makes with the umbilical line. Susan marvels, "Oh my god, how can you see?" Mark admits that he doesn't know. More blood orders. More drug orders. Working on the baby is evidently still a challenge. Suddenly, Susan exclaims, "He moved! I swear to god, he moved!" After a moment, she adds that "he's pinking up." That's all Mark needs to move along; he changes gowns and returns to Jodi. Lydia gives him Jodi's vitals. Susan calls out that the baby's much improved.

In bursts Dr. Aquino, demanding, "What's going on in here?" Mark replies, "I intubated; the baby went bad." Cut to said baby, who looks much better (well, he looks alive, for one thing, and all his limbs are moving in a normal fashion). Mark gives Dr. Aquino a short and incomplete recap of the evening's events: "I tried forceps and got a shoulder dystocia. She seized. I paralyzed and did a crash section. Got in there, and there were two litres of blood in her uterus." "You knew she'd abrupted?" Dr. Aquino asks sharply. Irritably, Mark replies, "No, once I got in there. The baby nearly died." Okay, Mark? Jodi looks like a fucking butcher delivered her baby with a bone saw. Dr. Aquino is the hospital's Head of Obstetrics. Maybe she can help, and maybe you could lose the attitude, son! ["I don't get 'attitude' from that exchange, but rather 'Mark trying not to break down sobbing.'" -- Sars] Dr. Aquino surveys the scene and, indicating Carter, asks, "Who is this, and what's he doing in there?" Carter -- unfortunately taking his professional cues from Mark -- shirtily introduces himself and tells Dr. Aquino he's pressing on the aorta. Dr. Aquino snaps, "It's a damned mess. What did you use -- a chainsaw?" Word. Mark snips, "Well, I couldn't just stand around waiting while that baby died!" Thank god for Dr. Aquino, who springs into action: "Get an NICU transport team over here, and the OB resident on call." To Mark, she barks, "You should have let me know you were in over your head." Again, word. Mark looks equal parts bitter and chastened, and he groans loudly.

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