Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

5:30 AM. Sean paces the hall outside the trauma room, a triangle of sweat soaking his t-shirt. Behind him, the NICU transport team appears, and wheels an incubator into the trauma room. Pan over to Jodi's bed, where everyone is toiling under Dr. Aquino's direction. Presently, she says, "Okay, Carson, you can let go of the aorta." And then you can announce that Blink 182's new video is at #6.

In the hall, the NICU transport team is wheeling Jared toward the elevator when Sean pretty much pounces on the incubator to get a good look at his son. He stares at Jared, and then looks back over his shoulder toward Jodi's trauma room, where Dr. Aquino allows, "Looks good. Bleeding's stopped." She tells Mark to go talk to Sean. Instead of being relieved to have someone knowledgeable taking over him, Mark pissily doffs his trauma gear and stares back at Sean, whose poor, naked, vulnerable face lets us all know he's braced for very bad news.

Mark emerges into the hall, where Sean immediately asks, "Is my baby all right?" Mark jargons, "He was apneic at first, but his five-minute Apgar was very encouraging --" "Stop hiding behind that damn medical crap!" Sean snarls. Mark blurts, "I think your baby's going to be fine." Almost inaudibly, Mark tells the head of the NICU transport team, "Let's go." They start to wheel the incubator, but Sean all but lies on it, begging, "Don't take my son!" He asks Mark, "And Jodi?" Mark allows, "There was bleeding. She's had transfusions but she's stabilized now. [Dr. Aquino], the OB specialist, is in with her now; she's closing the incision." Cut to the baby, who is totally pink and clearly fine. Sean chokes, "How can this happen?" The elevator dings, and Mark babbles, "What we need to do right now is get your son upstairs. Now! Go, go!" The NICU transport team moves, and Sean moves with them, calling to Mark over his shoulder, "Everything's okay, right?" Mark deflects: "Go be with your baby! There's nothing you can do down here!" Sean, reading between the lines: "She's going to be okay, right?!" Mark yelps, "She's stabilized! Go be with your son!" Sean rakes his fingers through his hair again, and the elevator doors close on him.

Mark gulps, and marches away from the elevator, sighing loudly. When he reaches Jodi's trauma room, Dr. Aquino slams out, sneering, "I have never seen such a chain of errors in judgment." She's on the move, and Mark trails behind, meekly pointing out, "I did what you said!" Dr. Aquino yells, "You miss a pre-eclampsia, you underestimate the fetal weight --" "I was expecting OB backup!" Mark whines, which may be true, but he didn't give OB the full story, as Dr. Aquino indicates: "You miss a placental abruption!" Mark whimpers, "What?!" Dr. Aquino brandishes a print-out and points: "Blood clot? Right there?!" Mark studies the print-out in horror as Dr. Aquino spits, "You do an ill-advised forceps delivery on a baby that's too big, and then you do a hack job of a C-section!" Dr. Aquino starts stomping back toward Jodi's trauma room, and Mark scampers behind, crying, "Hey, look! It was me in the barrel with a baby goin' down the tubes!" Dr. Aquino reaches for a phone, but gets in one final shot: "The only thing that saved you from disaster was DUMB LUCK!" Quietly, a de-gowned Susan comes down the hall toward them. Mark insists, "Yeah, well if it wasn't for me, the mother would be dead and the baby a vegetable!" Dr. Aquino demands, "Who's on OB call?" "DRAKE!" Mark screeches. Dr. Aquino punches the keypad as Susan drags Mark away, quietly reassuring him, "She's just covering herself." Mark, tears creeping into his voice: "She's right. It was my screw-up." Susan strokes him (but manages to sound sincere): "You were great in there, Mark! I couldn't have done that!" Starting to cry outright, Mark mumbles, "It was my fault, you know? It was my fault she went sour!" Susan promises that no one is going to blame him. Mark is in the process of replying that no one has to when Chen bursts out of Jodi's room and screams, "She's crashing!"

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