Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

Mark, Susan, and Dr. Aquino all tear into Jodi's room. Every machine in the room is honking angrily, and the scene is total chaos. Let me shorthand it: it's so, so bad. She's oozing blood every which where. They take her off the respirator and Carter bags her manually. They lose her pulse. Mark shocks her.

Time elapses and Jodi's still crashing. Dr. Aquino says, "We're chasing our tails in here." Jodi's been down thirty-three minutes. Mark does chest compressions, stopping only long enough to let Susan shock Jodi. Cut to Jodi's face; she couldn't be whiter, and blood is oozing out of her right nostril. Mark desperately continues his chest compressions.

6:45 AM. The camera pans from a pile of coiled ECG print-outs to a stack of empty blood bags, and then up to the bed. Mark is still doing compressions, panting from the effort. Everyone else in the room is standing by the bed, immobile. We can hear that Jodi's flatlined. Lydia says that it's been five minutes since Jodi's last dose of epi. Mark calls for another seven. A nurse duly gets it ready, but Susan quietly tells Mark, "Mark, she's gone. It's thirty minutes past too late." Dr. Aquino flintily declares, "I'm calling it. Time of death: 0646." Even as the bag is detached from Jodi's tube and everyone makes to start the death kit, Mark continues his Compressions of Denial. He looks at the ECG -- which shows a brief, squiggly, irregular line before returning to flatline -- and hysterically squeaks, "It's not flatline! It's fine v-fib! Another seven migs of epi!" Susan just stares at him; everyone else is like, "Dude, get Dr. Greene some Haldol, stat." Finally, Mark knocks off the compressions. Everyone stares. Chen cries. Mark is still panting as he ditches his gown, gloves, and mask. He steps into the hall with one lingering backward glance.

Mark staggers down the hall toward the elevator. The medical personnel standing there give him a wide berth, because he looks really scary at this moment.

Mark gets off the elevator on the OB floor and zombies through a series of doors to the nursery. He stands outside the door and watches through the glass as Sean cradles his son in his arms. After a moment, he pulls open the door, steps inside, and sits in front of Sean. We can't hear what he says -- we only hear Jared's crying -- but we see Sean gasp, then lean his head back and sob, and then clutch the baby tightly to his chest.

In the trauma room, Mark stares at Jodi's lifeless face. Carter, strolling past in the hall, spots Mark's vigil and enters. Carter says Mark's name a couple of times before Mark notices he's there, and blearily meets his eye. Carter stammers, "Dr. Greene, I just wanted to say, to...or to tell you that I thought what you did was a heroic thing." Mark blinks, and furrows his brow. He squints at Carter, and then leaves the room without a word. ["Okay, that's snotty." -- Sars]

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