Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

Mark and Susan climb the stairs to the El; she's saying, "It's just one stop the other way, right by the train station!" Mark tightly replies, "I gotta get going." Susan kindly wheedles, "Come on! Not only does Shorty's have the greasiest eggs in town -- stuff falls from the ceiling every time the El goes by!" Mark says, "Sounds attractive, Susan. I've just got a million things I've got to do." The El pulls in and Mark goes to board it. Susan calls after him, "Are you sure you're okay?" Mark transparently lies, "I'm fine! Scout's honour." Susan calls, "Is Jen home?" but Mark's already on the train and doesn't answer. He walks to the back of the last car and stands by the window, waving back at her. Susan sighs, and watches as the train pulls away.

In the car, Mark finds a seat and sits down. The city landscape rolls by outside. Mark watches, and then tilts his head back and weeps at his own impotence.

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