Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

We see a head-and-shoulders shot of an old, bald dude. We hear and then see Carter guiding the dude through a quick neurological test. At the end, Carter asks the man to show Carter his teeth, but instead of baring them, the dude removes his upper plate and holds it out to Carter. [Cough.]

On a couch in the waiting room, little Jesse is resting with his head in Jackie's lap. Jackie, her jaw set, stares into space. An older boy (whose name I forget) is sitting next to Jackie, and asks a pacing Benton whether Mrs. Benton will ever be able to walk again. Benton distractedly assures the boy (I'll just call him Frank) that she will. He then glances down at Jackie and huffs, "I know what you're thinking, Jackie, so why don't you just go ahead and say it." "Shut up, Peter," Jackie drawls. "No, no -- go ahead and say it," Benton insists. "I mean, it's my fault that this happened, right? I'm so pig-headed and self-centred...." Jackie wearily repeats her order that he shut up and sit down. Presently, the doors behind them open, but not with any tidings for them. Benton reluctantly settles down to wait some more.

ER. Doug is shining a light in the eyes of a young patient, who is conscious but wan. As Haleh gives Doug the bullet, the kid's father rants, "I found him in the greenhouse, passed out in the back. Comes to visit me at my place of work and this is the shape he's in?" Doug and the nurses buzz around the patient (I'll call him Drew, since apparently he's a teenaged alcoholic). Drew drones something inarticulate, and Mr. Drew shoots back, "You're going to go where I tell you to go! I am not losing another son to alcohol and drugs -- I am not!" So it's a cheery episode all around, you see. Drunks, broken hips, and...oh, wait. I forgot about the baby that's totally fine and healthy, and his great parents. So there's that.

In the hall, Mark is telling Carter and Chen about Jodi: "She's thirty-eight weeks, but I think her dates are off; the baby's small on exam." He blahs about blood pressure and whatnot. It sounds like everything's normal, though. They arrive at Jodi's room. Mark tells her that he has her test results, and then proceeds to read them to the students. Chen diagnoses, "Simple cystitis. Fluids, rest, and a course of Bactrim." To Jodi, Carter explains, "It's a bladder infection." Sean asks who Carter and Chen are, and Mark says they're med students. "They're so young!" Jodi marvels. Mark jokes, "I know -- it's disgusting, isn't it?" Chen and Carter smile and blush. Mark tells Carter and Chen that he's prescribing Macrodantin. He tears off the prescription and hands it to Sean, telling him to make sure Jodi gets plenty of fluids and rest, and to follow up with their doctor in the morning.

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