Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

Mark leaves with Carter and Chen, blah-ing some more about sulfas and albumen and jaundice. Doug rolls up behind them as Mark's lecturing, and cracks, "He saves lives, he teaches, he slices and dices...." Doug hands Chen a chart and she takes off. A tiny little old lady comes up to Mark, Carter, and Doug, asking them to sign a get-well card. They all agree, affably enough. Carter asks who the card is for, and the old lady replies, "Me!" As Doug, the last to sign, gets the card, Jerry smirks at the three of them and holds out a chart. Mark asks what it's for, and Jerry happily informs him, "Hemorrhoids." Doug and Mark both distractedly refer it to Carter. Heh.

As Carter's wandering off to check out the ass in question, Haleh calls to Doug that Drew is crashing. Doug runs over, accompanied by Mark. The kid's pupils are "pinpoint," and he's frothing at the mouth. Haleh says his alcohol level's at zero. "Is it drugs?" Mr. Drew asks anxiously. Doug announces that Drew is incontinent. Mark says the drug screen is negative, and asks Mr. Drew where he works. Mr. Drew replies, "Wrigleyville Nursery." Mark asks, "Nursery as in school?" Mr. Drew, not getting it, says, "No, like in plants." Mark asks whether he works in the office or outside, and Mr. Drew says, "Both." Mark orders Atropine, to which Doug apparently concurs. Mark adds that they need to strip off Drew's clothes, and wear gloves. Mr. Drew asks Doug what's going on; Doug says that Drew has suffered insecticide poisoning, and asks what kind of chemicals Mr. Drew's company carries. Mr. Drew says they use "everything," and that they'd been spraying in the greenhouse that day. He asks whether Drew will be all right. Doug doesn't answer. Mark offers to phone the nursery, and takes off.

Near the desk, Mark passes Chen and Carter, who are commiserating about the dull and/or gross cases they've had to attend thus far. Chen whines, "Everyone is so old and sick around here!" ["I have always loved that line. Ming-Na's delivery is really funny." --Sars] Carter duhs, "Yeah...? This is a hospital!" "Yeah, I guess," Chen pouts. Heh. She asks where Benton is; Carter says he's in Surgery, with his mother. They run into Carol "Wet Nurse" Hathaway, just starting her shift. Chen observes, "Seven PM, no Benton. Maybe I'll get home by 8, for once." Right on cue, Sean (unfortunately sporting a Newsies cap turned backwards) bursts back in and breathlessly cries, "Somebody help me! My wife's unconscious in the car! DR. GREENE! Please, somebody help me!" Chen, Carter, and Carol immediately flank a gurney and shove it out the doors. Sean is still yelling, "She's pregnant! Hurry! She's passed out!" Whatever's wrong, I'm sure Mark knows how to make it right.

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