Love's Labor Lost

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Love's Labor Lost

7:28 PM. Susan's back for the graveyard shift. In the hall, she asks Mark who's in Trauma One. Mark gives her the bullet on Jodi. Since Jodi now appears to be stable, Susan offers to take over, and tells Mark to go home. Mark dismissively says he'd like to stay and see Jodi through to OB. Susan, a little defensive, tells him, "I can handle it." Mark explains, "It's not about you, it's me." Lowering his voice a little, he adds, "I saw her earlier, and I diagnosed UTI. Sent her out, and she seized in the parking lot." Susan's all, "Nice one." So...wait. It was 1 PM just before Mark saw Jodi, and he didn't send her out to the parking lot until six hours later? I guess that's how long it takes to get test results back, but still. Mark continues, "I thought the protein in her urine was due to cystitis, and I blew off one borderline BP. I'd feel better if I saw her through." "Yeah," Susan curtly agrees, charitably neglecting to add, "She'd probably feel better if you went home and left her alone, rather than continue on your path of incompetence while also growing exhausted and hazy, but whatever." Anyway, Mark's a good doctor. I'm sure the scare of seeing nice Jodi all seizing in front of him due to his own oversight will get him back on his game, and that nothing else will go wrong after this.

Another ultrasound. Mark hands Carter a print-out, explaining, "Fundal placenta looks okay." Carter adds that Jodi's blood pressure looks good. Jodi's awake now, and she and Sean watch the ultrasound monitor. "Look at little Hunter," Jodi mumbles. She sounds tired, but otherwise fine. "Dermot," Sean replies. "Jason," Jodi shoots back. "Patrick," Sean volleys. Patrick O'Brian? That's tough. Sean adds with a chuckle, "Boy, is that a boy or what?" "Four-plus turtle sign," Mark jargons. Jodi and Sean both make "huh?" noises, and Mark points to the monitor as he explains that the baby's penis looks "like a little head kind of peeking out." The O'Brians giggle. Mark tells Carter, "You give a score of zero or two for each category. Movement?" Carter observes that the baby "seems very active." "Every night, around the same time," Jodi murmurs. Mark adds, "Also breathing, tone, amount of fluid." He confidently concludes, "He's an eight. Anything less than a six and you worry." Sean and Jodi beam at one another. Mark tells Carter to do the AFI, and then -- once more, for the viewer's benefit -- coaches, "You divide the abdomen into four. Find the deepest pockets of fluid without fetal parts or umbilical cord. You mark each corner of the quadrant, measure, and then add up." Sean asks Mark, "Is that what this number is, over here?" The camera cuts to the fetal heart monitor, showing 140. Mark says that number is the fetal heart rate, and that it should be between 120 and 160. "So 140's perfect," Sean proudly surmises. "Yeah," Mark chuckles. Jodi and Sean exchange another happy glance. Sean swallows hard, and looks back at the monitor.

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