Mars Attacks

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Mars Attacks

Carter hooks back up with L'il Doogie, whose room is directly beside Trauma One, and who is watching intently. He asks Carter whether someone got hurt. Carter, washing his hands, curtly replies in the affirmative, and asks whether a nurse came to collect L'il Doogie's urine sample yet. L'il Doogie says no, and asks, "What happened?" Carter gives L'il Doogie the recap on the sci-fi convention. L'il Doogie philosophically says, "It's too bad. I'll bet they never saw it coming. I sure didn't." Carter has no response, and makes to help L'il Doogie onto the bed. He moves aside a big black nylon...something off his lap, revealing that L'il Doogie accidentally wet his pants. L'il Doogie -- quite calmly, under the circumstances -- apologizes, saying that he didn't know he had to go, and that he would have catheterized himself, but he was waiting for the nurse. Carter tells him it's all right. Lydia rushes in, notices the puddle on the floor, and apologizes, saying she'll get to L'il Doogie in a minute; Carter affably says that he'll take care of L'il Doogie, since she's needed in the trauma rooms. L'il Doogie observes, "Most doctors don't like to do this stuff." Carter, again, has no response, and says, "Let's get you out of those wet clothes." He moves toward the window, where he gazes longingly at all the non-junkie doctors toiling on their interesting, non-urine-soaked patients. I guess the patients are always greener on the other side of the glass. Or something.

Weaver hurries in to Gloria's curtain area and tips her off that the cops are on their way. See you later, voice of Babe. As she books, Weaver runs into Elizabeth "Significant Others" Mitchell. Weaver says she hopes -- well, I don't know her name, and I can't call her Elizabeth because there already is one, so -- Mitchell is there to help out with the ER's many traumas, but Mitchell says she's come to take Mr. K. up to Psych. Weaver says, again, that she wishes Mitchell could stay and help, but Mitchell chirps that they have their own problems in Psych: "Tonight's a full moon. Stop by, later, if you want; it'll be like Mardi Gras." She flits off. Oh, go fuck Gia, Mitchell. But then...Weaver watches her go, her gaze lingering just a leeeetle too long. Maybe she's thinking of Mitchell fucking Gia.

Leg. Swab. Orange goo. Needle. Danny needs a fasciotomy. Mark's only done one, in med school, on a cadaver. Lily tells him he can't do it in the ER. Mark says that if he doesn't, Danny will need an amputation. He tells Lily to get Elizabeth on the intercom. Long story short, she can't leave her patient, so she'll have to talk him through it.

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