Mars Attacks

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Mars Attacks

Carter takes L'il Doogie up to the roof to launch a new paper airplane. Someone please give L'il Doogie a spin-off. Carter's pager goes off, and Carter tells L'il Doogie his ride is here. "I'm out of airplanes anyway," says L'il Doogie philosophically. He thanks Carter for bringing him up to the roof, and Carter says that if L'il Doogie makes more airplanes, Carter will bring him back. "I'd like that," says L'il Doogie politely. Okay, I know they'll have to contrive a reason to bring him back to the hospital, but if this adorable kid gets gonorrhea in his throat, I quit.

Luka mopes in the ambulance bay, thinking about how much he loves peanut butter. Lisa wanders out and sits on the bench beside him. He observes that she's popular today. She replies, "I'm everybody's favourite nurse. But that's the problem, because as a med student, I screwed up everything -- everything. Things I could do with my eyes closed." Speaking of things you could do with your eyes closed, Luka says, "I think it's all in here [taps forehead]. You are a good nurse, Abby. But you could be a great doctor. You just need a little confidence." She smiles sadly, and then leans forward impulsively and plants one straight on Luka's lips. Her eyes suddenly widen at the realization of what she's done, and she chokes, "Oh my god! I'm sorry!" and laughs. Suddenly, a choir of angels starts singing, the skies open up and pour out God's own light, and...I mean, "Luka smiles." Lisa adds, "I can't believe I did that!" Um, yeah. You're crazy. Not. ["No kidding. I 'can't believe' she didn't block-tackle him while ripping her scrubs (and totally way-too-low-cut tank top) off." -- Sars] Chuny calls to Lisa that she's got a "code brown" (yeah, that'll kill the mood dead, right there), and she gets up to take care of it. Luka nods at her, still smiling. Lisa chuckles, "I'll see you later," and waves. Aw.

Finch walks into Benton's, where he's sulking on the couch. She says she's been calling, and asks why he didn't pick up. He says he didn't feel like talking. Finch says she heard from Shirley that he'd been fired, and Benton snorts, "I guess the whole hospital knows by now, huh?" She asks why he didn't tell him. He says nothing. Blah Jackie blah blah gone for hours blah what did you tell her? blah blah didn't tell her anything blah blah blah terminationcakes. Finch asks what happened. Benton tells her about the fines, she says Romano deserves them, he says Romano's taking them out on Benton, she suggests Romano's just blowing off steam, he says this time Romano's serious. She suggests that Benton talk to Anspaugh, and Benton scoffs that Anspaugh already knows Romano sucks. Finch says that Benton is a great surgeon, and a good man, and that they'll work it out. She kisses him, and settles back next to him. She was not terrible in that scene. Or maybe that's the Daylight Savings Time talking.

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