Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Lisa pushes a wheelchair into Kerri's room and tells her she just checked on Kerri's kids, and that they're "having a great time." Kerri anxiously says that they'll need to eat soon, and Lisa says that they're eating now. Kerri rubs her temple. Lisa asks, "Are you sure this is what you want?" Kerri quietly says, "Of course it's not what I want. It's what I need." Lisa says that she's worked it out with GYN and found a doctor who can squeeze her in today. Kerri jokes, "You better take me up there before I change my mind." Lisa's like, "Thanks for saying exactly the opposite thing I'm supposed to hear," and pulls up a stool to say, "Yeah, well, the thing is, I would hate for you to change your mind later on." Kerri says, "No, I know. I meant...forget it." Lisa asks her to say what's on her mind, and Kerri says, "I feel like such a hypocrite. I know that this is so wrong, I just keep telling myself I'm doing this for my family." Lisa suggests that Kerri could use a little more time to think about it, and Kerri says, "My husband is a good man, but he would never understand this. It would be better if he doesn't know. Let's just get it over with, okay?" Lisa agrees, and Kerri thanks her, adding, "This isn't easy to do alone." I have one thing to say about this plot line: I don't want to judge anyone, and I am aware that reproductive choices are nearly always complicated, but honestly, if I were married to a man I didn't feel free to tell the truth about whatever was going on in my uterus, I would get a divorce. I'm just sayin'. ["And maybe they could have had this little chat after Kid #3 or so? Like, tie it off, Mr. Kerri! God!" -- Sars]

At the desk, Randi calls Mark to the phone, saying that it's his father's nurse again. Well, I guess we know what happened to Carol's nanny after Carol fired her -- she went to work for Holling. Mark asks what she's calling about now, and Randi says that Holling's making racial slurs. "She's Swedish!" Mark says. Randi suggests that perhaps Holling called her a meatball. Heh. Mark tells Randi to tell the nurse that he'll be home in half an hour, and continues updating Luka on the status of the various cases on the board. Carter appears and Luka hands him a chart and asks him to look at a patient in exam six. On his way there, Haleh stops him and says that he got a critical result from the lab; it looks like Mr. Fazio may have leukaemia. Mark tells him to get a hematology consult, and Carter goes on his way, shaking his head. "Dr." Dave Malucci shows up at the desk looking for Carol. Haleh says she's upstairs. "Again?" Dr. Dave asks, incredulously. Haleh says she's on break. Dr. Dave whines, "She was just up there an hour ago!" but Haleh shuts him down: "What are you, the hall monitor?" Dr. Dave shirtily informs her that he's a resident with a patient who needs an NG tube, and Haleh makes the radical suggestion that he take care of it himself. Dr. Dave complains to Mark, who tells him to give Carol a break. Dr. Dave ominously remarks, "I don't think the chief would stand for this." Mark tells Dr. Dave to talk to him when he's raised to kids on his own. Dr. Dave sniffs that that was Carol's choice, and that he "shouldn't have to suffer for it." Yeah, well, it was John Wells's choice to hire you, and we all have to suffer for it, so suck it the hell up. I mean, I hate defending Carol as much as the next guy, but really, it's her kids' first day in day care; cut the woman ten minutes of slack. Haleh snaps, "Oh, quit your whining, I'll put in your damn tube," although the first time I watched the episode I thought she'd said, "Oh, quit your whining -- I'll put that on your damn tomb," which would have been even sassier.

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