Match Made in Heaven

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Match Made in Heaven

Elizabeth bustles into the ER, finding Finch and asking about a surgical consult. Finch says she has a nine-year-old with right-side abdominal pain, and that she thinks it's a "hot appy." "You didn't bring him to the OR yourself?" Elizabeth snots. Finch adds, "Temp's 101," by way of answer, I suppose. Elizabeth says, "I just closed Eli Emerson's belly." Finch turns at this, with all kinds of alarms and system errors going on in her head, and says, "I thought Peter was going to --" "No," Elizabeth tells her firmly, "Eli was my consult, my responsibility. Fortunately there was no perforation." "That's a relief," says Finch. Elizabeth sniffs, "Pity I had to cut him open." Finch replies that it's better to know than to regret it later. Elizabeth nods, and adds, "I know you have special access to Peter, but in the future, I'd appreciate it if you'd come to me if you have a problem with one of my calls." Finch points out that Elizabeth must have agreed with him, or she wouldn't have performed the surgery. Elizabeth, still pulling rank, replies, "A simple 'Yes, Elizabeth' will do." Finch aims at exasperation, asking whether Elizabeth wants the appendix case or not; Elizabeth yanks the chart out of her hands and hoofs it down the hall. Benton, obscured by a curtain a discreet distance away, giggles and tells himself, "I'm the man." Okay, not really.

In an exam room, Carter joins Carol and some random nurse as they help Pablo, the recurring homeless character, out of a wheelchair. Carter is friendly and they all call Pablo by name. Carol informs Carter that Pablo's street was swept, and that all his stuff is gone. Pablo seems to be a bit disoriented and as Carter repeatedly asks him how much he's had to drink, Pablo doesn't answer but instead continues to tell the story of the loss of his things. Carol puts a bag on an IV stand and takes his arm to insert the IV, and Pablo, surprised and annoyed by the attention, pulls his arm away and upsets a tray of instruments. Carter springs into action, saying, "Soft restraints," and going to get them. Carol tells him that she's okay, and that the tray upset was an accident, but Carter's having none of it (gee, I wonder why? Oh, wait, I don't), and tells her to call Security. Carol tells him it was an accident, but Carter administers a dose of Haldol to a thoroughly unimpressed Pablo. Carol, as sensitive as ever, asks what the hell is wrong with Carter, and tells him that "they don't come any gentler" than Pablo. He asks whether she's going to help him restrain Pablo, and she tells him she won't, so Carter stomps out, telling her to call him when Pablo's calmed down. Carter, please get some therapy. Good lord.

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