May Day

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May Day

Benton and Elizabeth stagger out of the OR, clearly flush with victory over the successful operation. They joke about the events of the procedure. Benton reminds her of the moment when she was "cranking his chest with one hand and suturing with the other," and Elizabeth drawls, "I still have a few moves you haven't seen." At this moment, Finch comes out of the recovery room and stands a few paces away, watching the interaction with obvious envy. Benton: "Dibs on the bullet, all right?" Elizabeth: "No way! It's mine!" Benton says he called it. Finch starts walking toward them just in time for Elizabeth to shove Benton away playfully and remind him that she was the one who "fished it out." As soon as they notice Finch and her tight robotic smile, they move away from each other and try to behave as if they weren't totally flirting. Benton tells Cleo they "just made a great save." "I can see that," Finch snots. Benton and Elizabeth give each other props for jobs well done. Finch icily tells Elizabeth that Mr. Rosato is outside waiting to talk to someone, and Elizabeth cheerily offers to do it. When Finch and Benton are left alone, and she just stares at him, he asks what's wrong, and she says, "Nothing." Oh, no. Did she get a fridge magnet stuck to her outer casing again, erasing her entire hard drive? At this point, Glark yelled, "Psycho! Psycho hose beast!" Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until October to find out whether his prediction is correct.

Carter poutily reviews charts. Lisa walks out of a curtain area and, seeing Carter, initially gives him a wide berth, but then apparently thinks better of it and walks over to him and says, "Hey." When he doesn't respond, she continues, "Dr. Carter, I didn't know what to do, so I asked Dr. Greene. I'm sorry. And I know I don't know you very well, but I think you're a good doctor, and I know you've been through a lot in a short time, and I'm sure I couldn't handle it myself, but I felt I had to tell them." Without looking up -- at any of this -- Carter grunts, "Feel better?" Lisa says nothing, and Carter adds, "Because I have work to do." Lisa blinks, and walks over to Mr. Tanner to give him a prescription to ease the pain in his collarbone. When he doesn't respond to her instructions, she yells his name a couple of times and Carter, still in the foreground of the shot, turns around to see what's going on. Lisa asks Yosh to get Mark, since Mr. Tanner "barely has a pulse." She calls out orders to Lily, and Carter reluctantly asks Lisa with what Mr. Tanner presented. Lisa tells him, and Carter gets up, gloves up, and says, "It must be a tension pneumo." He hurries over to Mr. Tanner and takes over, recovering his pulse and calling for a chest tube. Mark appears and, in a conversational tone, asks Carter what he's doing. Carter notices that Carol left her high horse behind when she got on the plane to Seattle, so he saddles it up to announce, "I'm saving this guy's life! You must have missed an occult rib fracture." Mark briskly says that he'll "take it from here." Carter continues to call out orders and work on Mr. Tanner until Mark reaches for an instrument someone's handing to Carter and sternly repeats, "I got it, Carter." "I'm almost in," Carter protests. Mark says nothing. Carter snaps off his gloves and slowly walks off, calling, "You're welcome." Cram it, Liz Taylor.

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