May Day

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May Day

At the desk, Weaver breaks the news to Luka that he probably won't be getting a court order for Carrie 2 today. Luka snaps, "I can't wait!" What are you, three? Weaver emphatically reminds him, "You can't do anything until we get it." Luka argues, "I've waited too long already." Patiently, Weaver says, "Promise me that you won't do anything." Luka says, "No. I'm going to change her mind." Weaver crutches off....

...and crutches into the lounge, where Mark is sitting at the table with Jing-Mei "Flower Madam" Chen and saying, "We have to do this tonight." We hear Benton's voice saying, "I don't believe it." Chen says, "It makes sense. He's been so unpredictable, I thought he might be bi-polar." Benton says, "Carter? Come on, no way." Weaver sits down at the table as Mark says, "He as much as admitted it to me." In your little ambulance-bay chat? I heard him tell you that he'd been taking a lot of medication, but he claimed it had all been prescribed. I'm not saying I believe him, or that I would believe him, if I were Mark and hadn't, you know, seen him shoot up, as we viewers have, but I also wouldn't say that Carter "as much as admitted it to" Mark. Anyway, Weaver simply states, "Peter, he's using. I don't know for how long, but the behaviour's been there for a while." Chen asks whether "this" is the best way to address Carter's problem: "He might feel ganged-up on." Nice grammar, Mulan. Mark says that it's either "this" or they'll have to "kick it to some committee." Okay, we all know that "this" refers to an intervention, right? Okay, cool. Mark continues: "I'd rather approach him as a small group that he knows and trusts, and give him a chance to clear it up." Chen asks about Romano, and Weaver says she doesn't want to "bring him into this." Benton reminds them that "Carter can be stubborn. He might just walk out." Weaver says, "We have to be prepared for that. All we can do is be compassionate but clear. He has two options. That's it." Mark asks Benton whether he's with them. Before Benton can answer, Don "Tubby McFats" Anspaugh comes in and asks what the big emergency is. Mark says, "Don, the emergency is that, in a drug-induced rampage, Carter ate all your Fudgsicles out of the lounge freezer. Therefore, we thought you'd want to be in on our intervention." Just kidding.

Luka and Finch work on Carrie 2, whose fetus's heart rate is down to sixty. Luka asks the room at large to "get a baby warmer in here!" Lily regards him for a moment, then goes. Luka tells Carrie 2 that he doesn't have time to argue anymore, and that her baby needs to come out now. Carrie 2 yells that she wants another doctor. Luka tells her that the placenta is detaching, and that she could hemorrhage to death. Carrie 2 squeals, "You're trying to scare me!" which may very well be true. Luka says, "You should be scared. If you don't care about your baby, at least think of yourself!" Carrie 2 says that she doesn't believe him, and that if her own life were in danger, they would have done something. Luka makes with the Carol: "You're going to have a baby, Carrie 2. I saw it on the ultrasound. You really want to kill your son?" Carrie 2 tells him to leave her alone, and yells again, "I want another doctor!" Chuny says the fetal heart rate is down to forty. Luka says, "Okay, that's it. One hundred of ketamine, IV push." Finch tells him he can't, and Luka yells, "I'm the attending! I'll take full responsibility!" Carrie 2 asks what they're doing. Finch tells Luka, "You can't do this." Carrie 2 yelps, "I don't want the baby!" Luka ignores them both and administers the drug, saying, "C-section tray. Prep her." Carrie 2 starts freaking out in earnest, telling everyone else that she doesn't want the baby. Chuny says that the heart rate is down to twenty. Luka tells Finch to set up "the suction," and Finch, snapping off her gloves, says, "No, I won't." Luka yells, "Then get out of the way!" Finch reminds him that Carrie 2 didn't consent to the procedure (what?! She didn't? Well, they could have mentioned that. Oh, wait. They did. About four hundred times) and that he could lose his license. Luka ignores her and calls out, "Ten blade." The meds seem to be taking effect as Carrie 2's protests grow fainter. Chuny says they lost the heart rate. Finch says, "You can't do this! You can't." Luka relents. Carrie 2 whimpers, "Is it over?"

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