May Day

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May Day

Carter stomps out to the ambulance bay with Benton hot on his heels, demanding, "Carter, what are you going to do -- piss it all away? Everything you've worked for! Eight years of your life!" Carter turns around, still walking backwards, and points at the hospital, yelling, "They're the ones that are handing out the ultimatums!" Benton yells, "No ultimatums, Carter! You're getting in that van!" Mark's van is, indeed, parked (probably illegally) on the street, and Carter scoffs, "Like hell I am....They tell you that I'm some kind of junkie, and you believe them? And you come down and ambush me." Benton tells him that he's out of control, and that if Carter can't see that, Benton doesn't care: "But you're getting in that van." Benton grabs Carter's arm, and Carter yanks it away, and they bark back and forth at each other over whether or not Carter will go, until Benton asks, "Where does it end, man, huh? This week fentanyl, next week you end up dead -- or worse, you end up like your cousin, some babbling gork in a nursing home." At this, Carter rears back and punches Benton square in the face. Benton recoils, leaning over the hood of the van, and instantly Carter realizes what he's done -- what he's been doing, which must not seem much worse than punching his beloved mentor -- and starts to cry. Benton shakes it off and comes back, saying, "Carter, you want to fight, that's cool, man, but either way, you're getting your ass in that van." Carter sobs in earnest, and Benton sort of palms the back of Carter's head with his hand and pulls Carter to his chest, whispering, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Carter."

Carrie 2 is in labour. The trauma room is eerily silent, although Lily and Finch offer her some half-hearted encouragement. Luka glares at Carrie 2 with unmasked loathing and mutters, "He's crowning....the head is out....Clamp. And cut." There is no sound from the baby. Luka picks him up sets him down on what appears to be a nearby table, clenching his jaw, and asks Finch whether Carrie 2 wants to see him. Finch asks her -- even though it's not like Carrie 2 couldn't hear Luka herself -- and Carrie 2 says she doesn't, big surprise. Finch comes over and asks, "Do you want me to pronounce him?" Luka, with a stethoscope on the dead baby, says, "No. I'll do it. Time of death: 19:47."

Weaver fidgets at the desk. Elizabeth and Mark come up behind her in their jackets, and Elizabeth asks Weaver, "Did he get on the plane?" Weaver says she doesn't know, since Benton hasn't called, and Mark muses, "I wonder what he said." Weaver says, "Who knows. I just hope he got on." At this point Robert "Stack (Heels, That Is)" Romano strolls by the desk and makes some too-jovial comment about their all being hard at work, before roping Elizabeth into more work, which she reluctantly accepts. Mark says something about losing his ride, like, yeah, you're the big loser in this scenario (well, he's the big loser in any scenario, but you know what I mean). He says he'll see her at home -- my god, are they officially shacked up? -- and she says she'll try not to wake him. Mark notices Weaver sitting at the desk, all single, and asks whether she wants to get something to eat. She declines, saying she'd rather wait to hear whether Carter got on the plane. Mark tells her to call him when she finds out. Just then a phone starts ringing and Frank, the non-Jerry desk clerk, picks it up and tells Weaver he's got Legal on line three: "They said to go ahead; the judge signed a court order."

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