May Day

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May Day

Benton and the paramedics (one of my favourite doo-wop trios of the '50s) have moved Shooter to a gurney and are moving him to the helicopter. One of the paramedics suggests that it might be faster to drive than fly, while the other says that Shooter's pulse is "weak and thready." Benton determines that Shooter is bleeding out through his chest. He tells the female paramedic to "spike a unit of O-neg," and then yells, "Follow me!" The male paramedic asks where he's going, like, duh, are you new? Benton says, "We'll transport by chopper."

Cut to ChopperCam; Luka and Nicholas are nestled within, and Luka languidly gives RP orders that don't seem terribly urgent. At the door, Benton tells Luka that Shooter must travel by helicopter. Luka asks, "Where are we going to put him?" Benton says they'll have to take the boy out. Okay, they argue and argue and ARGUE about this. Benton: "My patient is more critical!" Luka: "Your patient killed people!" Finally Benton turns his back to go get Shooter, and Luka yells, "Close the door! Let's go!" Benton starts pounding on the window, and Luka yells at the pilot to take off, and is told (naturally) that they can't take off until Benton moves. A cop shoves a very angry-looking Benton out of the way. Burn! Can I get you an ice pack, Dr. BURNton? I realize Benton's patient was more critical, but really, I can't muster that much sympathy for his bleeding chest over, say, the KID HE SHOT. Admittedly, I'm not trying that hard to muster it.

In a trauma room, a patient is moaning, "Ow, ow, ow, ow!" Haleh says the IV is in. Doris says, "I'm leaving." The patient bellows, "Screw you!" "You're welcome," she chirps, on her way. At the door, she passes Kerry "Indiana" Weaver, coming in. Carter tells Weaver the patient is a "combative single-MVA" who rammed a parking-lot booth with his car. Parking Lot Guy demands that they take the collar off his neck, and Carter comments that he's " altered, tach-y, and hypertensive." Weaver notes that he'll need a head CT, and Lisa comes in with an X-ray and says, "The neck looks clear." Carter tells her to take the collar off, which she does, and Weaver, looking at another X-ray, says it looks like "a posterior hip dislocation." Carter calls for "titrate, two hundred of fentanyl, and six of versed," adding, "I'll reduce it." Lisa invites Weaver to look at PLG's rather large goiter (ew). Carter administers the drugs; Haleh says, "That's one of versed." "And fifty of fentanyl," Carter adds, telling her to keep going, since PLG is still squirming around and generally making a nuisance of himself. Weaver asks Lisa whether she noticed any hand tremors, and Lisa says she couldn't tell, since he "was moving around all over the place." Carter continues to count off the drugs: "That's another fifty of fentanyl," and asks Weaver, "You're thinking thyroid storm?" Weaver calls for more meds, and Lisa asks, "So...he's not on drugs?" Carter explains that PLG's thyroid is hyperactive. PLG slurs, "I'm going to kill someone. I swear." Carter says, "Okay, he's out," and climbs up to show Lisa how to reduce a dislocated hip. Lisa gets in position, and Carter starts to pull up on PLG's leg, when PLG screams and kicks Carter with enough force to send him slamming into the trauma-room doors. Chaos ensues; PLG starts yelling that he wants to get up. Everyone asks Carter if he's all right, but can't go over to check on him since they have to hold down PLG. Carter struggles to his feet and suggests that they "push another two of versed." Weaver calls for Dr. Dave, but Carter insists he can do it and asks, "Is he out this time?" Haleh tells Carter that PLG's out (though he's still making noise), and Weaver tells Carter, "I don't want you to aggravate your injury." They relocate the hip, and Weaver, looking suspicious, tightly says, "Good job, Carter." Carter says, "It's just like falling off a horse." Malik appears at the door to tell Weaver there's "a hot MI in curtain three," and she books. Carter tells everyone to get PLG up to Radiology, and says they should look at a post-reduction film later. As the gurney goes out into the hall, attended by Lisa, Haleh, and another random nurse, Carter asks Lisa to "babysit [PLG] while he's in Radiology," and she consents.

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