May Day

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May Day

Mark "Marcus Snorelius" Greene hands charts to Yosh, with instructions, when they hear someone bellowing in pain. Mark asks what's going on, and Yosh replies, "Mr. Goodwrench is tuning up a patient." Heh. Mark goes into the room, where Dr. Dave is admonishing his writhing patient, "You gotta hold still." Long story short, the patient refuses to take any drugs; Mark tells Dr. Dave to instruct the patient not to yell so loudly, since it'll scare the other patients, and then heads on his way, finding Carter at the desk. Carter is in the process of putting on a yellow trauma gown when Mark tells him he heard about his being kicked across the room. Slightly defensive, Carter asks how he heard; Mark replies, "I hear everything." Carter asks, "Haleh?" "Yeah," Mark says. Dr. Dave's patient bellows some more, and Mark asks whether Carter hurt himself. Carter says the impact just "knocked the wind out of" him. Mark snorts, "Another tough guy," and, noting his gown, asks, "Something rolling up?" Carter says it's "something rolling down," and that he thought he might help out with Nicholas. Mark tells him not to fall off any gurneys, and then asks, "So, did you call any of those psych referrals?" "For what patient?" Carter asks. Mark explains, "That list I gave you." "Oh. Yeah," Carter lies. Mark asks how it went, and Carter evasively replies, "Oh, you know. Okay, I guess. It's kind of hard to tell." Mark says, "It could take a while."

Carter wanders into the trauma room where Luka and Elizabeth are working on Nicholas. Luka tells Nicholas that they're going to look at him in the ER, and then send him up for "an operation." Nicholas asks whether they've called his dad; Luka tells a random nurse, Mary, to call the school or the police to reach Nicholas's father. Carter observes, "It's been all over the news; I'm sure his dad's looking for him." Luka tells Mary to make sure, and she takes off. Elizabeth asks where the exit wound is, and Luka says, "Couldn't find one for the leg." Elizabeth says, "The bullet's still inside." Carter says, "We should see it on the pelvic film." Luka, checking Nicholas's lower half, says, "No pulse by Doppler." Elizabeth asks them to turn Nicholas so she can look at the back. Luka insists, "Through and through! Missed everything! I assessed it in the field!" Quietly, Elizabeth tells him she needs to examine Nicholas herself. Carter glances up and through the window, where he zooms in on Lisa talking to Mark. Though he can't see what they're saying (duh), he sees them each, in turn, look through the window and straight at him. Luka snaps him out of his spying by asking Carter to help turn Nicholas.

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