May Day

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May Day

Out in the hall with Lisa, Mark asks a muddy patient whether he hit his head or passed out. Muddy Patient says, "'Course I hit me head! It's rugby!" Y'all, I think he might be Australian. Mark asks if he has any pain in his chest or belly, and he says he didn't, and that he didn't even want to come to the hospital, but "the fellas" made him. Mark and Lisa make to cut his shirt off him, since he may have broken his collarbone and, if so, it will be very painful for him to lift his arms over his head. MP protests, saying the shirt is new, until they all hear Dr. Dave's patient hollering again. MP asks what's up with that guy, and Mark darkly informs him he's hearing "someone who didn't want [them] to cut off his shirt." MP relents, and Lisa cuts his shirt off. Beneath, his chest is all blue: "That's what happens whenever you sweat in these new jerseys." "New Jersey"? That's where Sars is from! Shout-out? Mark suggests that they wash the jerseys, and MP protests, "It's brand-new!" I swear, the only point of that exchange was to get MP to utter the phrase "new jersey." ["Whee!" -- Sars] Mark determines that MP does have a broken collarbone. Lisa is really distracted throughout this examination. As soon as they're a few paces away from MP, Mark asks her if everything's okay. She hesitates, and then asks, "Do you have a minute?" She's going to narc on Carter. Hey -- literally!

Carter and Elizabeth check out an X-ray. She says, "I don't see a bullet." He posits that "it must be higher up in the abdomen." Luka asks Nicholas if he's sure his stomach doesn't hurt, and Nicholas insists, "It's just my leg." A machine starts beeping, and Lydia says, "PVCs on the cardiac monitor." Everyone springs into action and Nicholas, kindly acting on behalf of the viewing audience, anxiously asks, "What is it?" Luka says, "Just an extra heartbeat. Nothing to worry about." Just then Weaver comes crutching in with another X-ray, saying, "You're not going to believe this....I found your bullet." She throws it up on the light box, and Elizabeth gasps, "Oh, god, it's in his heart!" Luka supposes that it travelled through Nicholas's femoral vein. Weaver adds, "From there to the IVC into the right atrium and ventricle." Elizabeth asks Lydia to call the OR and tell them she and Nicholas are on their way up. Weaver instructs Carter -- who's still fussing with a syringe, like, can't you score later, junkie? -- to make sure that there's an open cardiac room with a perfusionist standing by in case Nicholas requires a bypass. Luka tells Elizabeth she'll have to revascularize Nicholas's leg at the same time. They put the railings up on Nicholas's bed and prepare to move him upstairs.

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