May Day

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May Day

Uh oh. Here comes trouble. Benton stomps inside from the ambulance bay, straight past Cleo "Gort" Finch, who's attending to a female college student who got stabbed in the belly. Benton stomps straight up to the elevator -- where Luka's just dispatched Nicholas, with a promise that he'll reach Nicholas's dad -- and tells Luka, "Congratulations. He's dead." Weaver asks, "Who?" and Benton replies, "The man [Luka] abandoned at the scene." Luka, raising his voice a little, says, "I didn't abandon him." Benton says, "He went into asystole five minutes outside of Mercy. They cracked him, but it was too late." Luka spits, "Oh, and ten minutes would have made a difference?" "We'll never know, will we?" Benton snaps. Weaver asks if they're talking about the shooter, but before Luka can answer, Benton tells him that the first rule of triage is that the most critical patient goes first. Luka yells, "The boy has a bullet in his heart!" although it's not like he knew that when they were thumb-wrestling over the helicopter. Benton has no response to that -- not even mine! -- and shakes his head. All three of them start yelling at once, the gist basically being the same "your patient shot people"/"you should be making medical judgments, not value judgments" hoo-ha we heard at the scene, with unheard interjections from Weaver, who finally shouts Benton down by saying that Elizabeth needs him in Surgery. Luka fumes some more. Mark comes up to Weaver and asks to speak with her. Paramedics, with Finch, push the Stabbed College Girl -- who's played by Emily "The Rage: Carrie 2" Bergl -- down the hall. Luka continues yelling his objections in Weaver's direction, but she goes with Mark, and tells him to help Finch.

Carrie 2 gets hoisted onto a bed, crying wanly, as a cop asks her to give him a physical description of the guy who mugged and stabbed her outside her dorm. She says he was "darker -- maybe Mexican?" Luka, looking put-upon, comes in and asks Finch for the bullet. As soon as Finch gets it out (pinching and patting Carrie 2's swollen belly throughout the description), the cop asks what the stabber was wearing; she says she thinks it was a grey sweatshirt. Luka calls out some orders and asks Carrie 2 how far along she is. She is apparently caught off-guard by the question, so he rephrases it to ask what month she's in, and when she's due, and she chokes, "I'm not pregnant!" even though she clearly is. Luka gives Finch a look like, "The hell?" and Finch returns it with a look that says, "100111100001001010001," and then tells Carrie 2, "You look about eight months." They bust out the ultrasound as Carrie 2 tells the cop that her assailant grabbed her purse and, when she didn't let it go, stabbed her. Luka looks dubious, but says that, based on the ultrasound, Carrie 2 shows no signs of internal bleeding, and the baby -- thirty-two weeks old -- shows good cardiac activity. "I'm pregnant?" Carrie 2 quavers. "Very," Finch says. "Oh, god!" Carrie 2 says. Yeah, I'm buying this like I'm buying Snowball stock. Which is to say, I'm totally not. Luka pipes up, "Hold on...there. A blood clot." "Abruption?" Finch asks. He says it could be, and calls for meds. Carrie 2 starts squirming around, demanding, "You can't tell my parents." Luka explains, "The stab wound has damaged the placenta, causing it to bleed, which would cut off oxygen to your baby." "I didn't even know I had a baby!" yells Carrie 2. Luka says, "Well, you do. Right now it looks okay, but we may need to bring you upstairs for a C-section." Carrie 2 asks if this would mean they'd have to "cut [her] open," like, what college was she attending -- clown college? Luka says that thirty-two weeks is early for a C-section, but they're giving her steroids to mature the baby's lungs. Carrie 2 says she doesn't want to have the operation, and Luka tells her that if she doesn't, the baby will die. "But nothing bad will happen to me, right?" she asks. Well, you might experience conscience pangs, but any conscience you might have once had seems also to have been damaged in the "assault." Luka plainly can't believe what he's hearing, and says, "Right now you're all right, but --" She very emphatically tells them not to do anything. Damn, that's cold. I mean, I'm pro-choice and all, but that's just it -- I'm pro the choice, not pro-letting-the-viable-baby-you-never-wanted-die-in-your-uterus. I can't imagine being so deep in denial about an unwanted pregnancy that instead of having an early abortion, I'd somehow prefer to stab myself in the gut and hope to kill the baby.

At the desk, Carter greets Dr. Dave as "Dr. Torquemada," which was pretty funny, even more so since Dr. Dave doesn't know who that is. As they walk through the hall, Carter asks him if he's discharged the "screamer" yet, and Dr. Dave admiringly allows that the patient "was pretty tough" and "took on the pain and won," and that you have to respect that. Carter pushes open the door to the lounge, where Mark, Weaver, and Lisa are seated around the table, looking grim. Carter registers the composition of the group, and his face falls. Dr. Dave asks whether somebody called a staff meeting, and Weaver simply says, "No." Carter tries to deflect by giving them good news about Nicholas, which Weaver receives impassively. Dr. Dave starts yammering on about rituals of withstanding pain among the Masai, but Mark is like, "Everyone who isn't a prescription drug addict should leave. Not so fast, Carter." Not in those words, though. Carter asks what this is about, and Mark tightly says, "I think you know." Carter complains idly about the little coffee Dr. Dave left in the pot, and Mark says, "Abby saw you." Carter, staring into the cupboard, asks, "She saw me what?" Mark says, "Abby?" and Lisa says, "I saw you inject the fentanyl into your wrist." Carter, having prepared his face for righteous indignation, spins and demands, "What?" Lisa continues sadly, "In the trauma room, when you said you were cleaning up." Carter looks to Mark for support, then back at Lisa to say, "I was cleaning up." Weaver says she has the chart, and that while Carter had drawn 200 of fentanyl for the patient, he only gave 150 "mikes" to the patient. Carter makes with the offended incredulity and says, "Okay, hold on, slow down -- this is a mistake." Weaver says evenly, "You stopped after three ccs." Carter reminds her that Haleh gave the patient the rest of the versed. Weaver asks, "What happened to the rest of the fentanyl?" Carter says, "I don't know. Must have wasted it down the sink." Weaver reminds him, "Someone's supposed to witness you doing that." Carter gives her a "girl, please" look and says, "Come on. Come on! We do that all the time!" Weaver says, "We have a protocol for disposal of narcotics." Carter says that doesn't mean he injected it, but no one at the table looks at all convinced, and no one at the table says anything. Carter tries a different tack, and in a gentle yet menacing tone, says, "Abby. If you thought you saw something, why wouldn't you come talk to me?" Lisa glances at Weaver, who says, "It's appropriate for Abby to come to us." "Not when she's wrong!" Carter yells. Mark asks Carter if he's still on pain medication. Carter crosses his arms and says, "Why? What?" Mark clarifies, "For your back." Rapidly, Carter says, "Yeah. Why. A little. Why?" Mark asks, "How much is 'a little'?" Carter sarcastically replies, "Well, that's between me and my doctor, isn't it?" Mark leads the witness: "So you're not overmedicating...?" Carter sadly asks, "You think I'm a drug addict?" and then laughs bitterly, "Do you honestly think I'm a drug addict? That I'm -- what -- sneaking around, injecting whatever drugs I can find? You guys -- you know me! This is ridiculous!" Weaver quietly confirms, "So you deny this." Jovially, Carter says, "Yes, I deny it. Abby, I think you're, uh, seeing things. Maybe you're on drugs. Yeah, I think I saw you with a needle once." Lisa looks away, and Mark says, "If this is a misunderstanding, I apologize." "This is a misunderstanding," Carter says firmly. Mark says, "You know why we had to ask you." Carter tightly asks, "Can I go back to work now?" Mark looks down, because he's weak. Carter looks at Weaver, who stares him down, because she's strong, and then flicks her eyes toward the door to let him know he can go. "Thank you," Carter drawls sarcastically, and stomps out, but not before adding, "And thank you, Abby. I really appreciate that." As soon as the door swings shut behind Carter, Weaver says simply, "He's lying, Mark." "I know," Mark replies. Sars's cat Hobey phoned me up at the break and said, "Shit, dude, even I could tell he's lying. Hey, while I have you on the phone, do you think you could score me some tuna?"

Carrie 2 mopes in bed as Finch tells her they'll call someone she can talk to, and that it doesn't have to be her parents. Carrie 2 wanly says she doesn't want to talk to anyone. My girlfriend, Dr. Amy Aquino, snaps off her gloves and tells Carrie 2, "We don't have much time. If we're going to save that baby, we need to operate now." Enunciating very clearly, Carrie 2 says, "I told you, I don't want it." Finch informs Carrie 2 that she could give the baby up for adoption, and that her parents would never have to know. Carrie 2, getting agitated, says that she doesn't want an operation, and that they should all leave her alone. She sits up and tries to free herself from the monitors and tubes, but Luka tells her she'll have to keep the monitors on for her own safety, in case she starts bleeding internally. They had better be careful, or else Carrie 2 will use her telekinetic powers to burn down the hospital. Dr. Amy calls Luka over and they go out into the hall, where she

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