May Day

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May Day
ruefully says, "Seventeen years of practice. I thought I'd seen everything." Luka asks whether Dr. Amy is going to take Carrie 2 up to OB, and Dr. Amy says, "I can't -- not if she doesn't want to." Luka tells Dr. Amy about the baby's health, which, hi, I think Dr. Amy probably knows, and Dr. Amy says, "I made the consequences very clear to her." Luka moans, "She doesn't care about the consequences!" Dr. Amy says, "You can't cut a woman open without her consent -- that's assault!" Luka says, "The baby will die." In unison, Dr. Amy and I say, "I'm aware of that." Luka tries to guilt her with "and you can just stand by and blah blah" talk, but she's having none of it and says, "There's nothing I can do." "You can operate!" Luka exclaims. "No, I can't!" she says. Luka petulantly says, "I'm calling another OB." Dr. Amy snaps, "Who? I am the head of the department. We don't force C-sections on women in this hospital." Luka asks, "What if I can get her declared incompetent?" What is this, the catch-all for women who do bad things to their bodies? That's what Elizabeth tried to do two weeks ago with the anorexic patient and it didn't work then. I mean, I agree that for Carrie 2 to stab herself in an attempt to kill her baby was wrong, but Luka, don't try to go over the head of Obstetrics because there are laws in place that prevent you from saving the world, one unplanned pregnancy at a time. (Would I feel differently about this if said head were not played by my girlfriend Amy Aquino? Oh, probably.) Anyway, Dr. Amy folds her arms and says, "She seemed coherent to me." Luka says, "I think the stab wound was self-inflicted." "You can prove that?" she asks dubiously. Luka says, "She is delusional! She claims she didn't know she was pregnant!" Dr. Amy points out, "She's lying. That doesn't mean she's crazy." Luka melodramatically asks, "What kind of woman carries a child for eight months, and then refuses to let us help her baby?" Dr. Amy says that if psych rules Carrie 2 incompetent, Luka can send her up to OB, and Dr. Amy will perform the C-section. This seems to placate Luka, who still needs to learn when to pick his battles.

In the OR, Elizabeth and Benton operate on Nicholas. Benton is still bitching about Luka's bumping Nicholas ahead of Shooter, like, MOVE ON, and Elizabeth backs Luka up, saying she'd have trouble prioritizing a playground shooter, too. Nicholas's blood pressure starts falling, but they can't figure out why. Benton suggests that the bullet may have "embolized." Elizabeth calls for someone to turn on the fluoroscope, which shows that the bullet is still in the heart, but that it's moving closer to the pulmonary artery. Suddenly, blood spatters on the floor, and the Synthesizer of Trauma strikes up its tense refrain, and they determine that Nicholas is bleeding out from the wound in his shoulder. Benton comes over to check out the shoulder, and Elizabeth protests because she's just opened his heart, and Benton says that won't matter if they can't stop the bleeding, and she tells him to wait, and he tells her to clamp the artery, and they fight, and yada, ultimately Benton fixes whatever he was working on about half a second before Elizabeth has to shock Nicholas with internal paddles, and they get normal rhythm. Yawn.

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