May Day

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May Day

Mark breaks the news to Muddy Patient that his collarbone is, in fact, broken. MP (whose name is Mr. Tanner) protests that he's got a tournament the next week, and asks if Mark can't just put a cast on it. Mark says it requires a sling, and plenty of rest. Mark asks a passing Yosh to get a sling for Mr. Tanner. Yosh says he'll have to call Central: "All we have are smalls, he looks large." Yosh takes off, and Mr. Tanner calls after him, "You'd better make that extra large, mate." Heh. Weaver fetches Mark, who tells Mr. Tanner he'll be back to discharge him, and takes off.

In an empty curtain area, Weaver tells Mark she's spoken to Legal. Mark asks whether she used Carter's name, and she says that she spoke in hypotheticals, but that the bottom line is that they need more evidence. Mark clarifies that they shouldn't let Carter treat patients. Weaver says that Lisa's is only one accusation, and that they have to be careful. Mark asks whether they can require that Carter take a drug test, but Weaver reminds him that since Carter is taking a prescription pain medication, he'll test positive regardless. She adds, "I'm afraid just asking will push him further away." Mark asks what she wants to do; she says she wants to get him some help. Mark says he'll talk to Carter again: "He might open up if he doesn't see it as a threat." Weaver, as she nearly never does, seems close to breaking down as she asks, "Mark, how could we let this happen? I mean, he showed all the signs!" Mark says he knows, but "it's Carter. Your mind just doesn't go there." Weaver nods slightly.

Through the glass, we see Dr. De Raad talking with Carrie 2. The camera pans over to Finch, who observes that Carrie 2 is a little calmer now, which is a good sign; she adds, "He'll talk her into it." Luka, standing behind Finch with his arms crossed and a big scowl on his face, pouts, "How do you know?" Finch says, "He has to." Chuny calls Luka's name and introduces Vinny Rosato, Nicholas's dad. Luka snaps to attention and shakes Mr. Rosato's hand, assuring him that the surgeons should be able to repair Nicholas's groin and shoulder injuries, and explaining about the bullet in Nicholas's heart. Mr. Rosato asks whether the surgeons will be able to get the bullet out, but before Luka can answer he notices that De Raad has emerged from Carrie 2's room, and he suggests going up to Surgery to get updated information on Nicholas's status. Finch offers to take Mr. Rosato upstairs, and Luka looks to De Raad, who says that Carrie 2 is "certainly emotionally distraught. She could be clinically depressed and even have a personality disorder." Luka asks whether that means De Raad can declare her incompetent, and De Raad says, "She's not acutely psychotic. She understands that failing to perform the C-section could endanger her baby's life." "You mean 'kill it,'" Luka says darkly. De Raad says that Carrie 2 is willing to take that risk. Luka wearily says, "It's not a risk. She wants it to happen. She stabbed herself to make it happen." De Raad reminds Luka that he has no evidence of that. Luka presses the point: "And she's a danger to others." De Raad asks to whom she is a danger, and Luka says, "The baby!" De Raad says that "doesn't count," with as much force as he might if they were playing Scrabble and Luka tried to lay down a curse word: "It's still her body. Is the C-section necessary to save her life?" Luka gets philosophical: "Somewhere, there has to be a point!" De Raad repeats his question, and Luka admits that Carrie 2 will live without it. De Raad says that, in that case, they can't impel her to have a C-section without a court order. Luka says he doesn't have time for a court order, and De Raad says that they can expedite it, and that County's legal department is acquainted with "friendly judges," but that Luka will have to write up an affidavit. Exasperated, Luka says, "Yeah, whatever." Luka should move to Seattle, where Carol is just waiting to guilt expectant mothers over decisions exactly like these ones. ["Luka -- and everyone else in the ER -- should also learn that calling Dr. De 'You're So' Raad never does any good. Either he doesn't get downstairs in time (Sobriki), or he comes down and releases the psych hold (everyone else). Give it up, people. De Raad can't help you." -- Sars] If Carol were here, Carrie 2 would have her baby out and enrolled in Montessori half an hour ago. Right, Luka? Yeah.

Carter smokes in the ambulance bay. See? Smoking. And you know as he takes each cancer-soaked drag, he's asking himself, "How far have I fallen that I would even consider touching this poisoned weed to my lips? Who am I?" Mark ambles out and, with false cheer, asks, when Carter started smoking. Carter snots, "That depends. Does it make me a druggie?" Uh, YES. On this show, it does, anyway. Mark sits beside Carter and we see that he's wearing clogs. I had planned to make a great deal of fun of his femmy footwear, but then Sars told me that friends of hers who work in hospitals told her that clogs are de rigueur in a hospital environment because they're good for your back. So I'll let that -- and only that -- slide. Mark has, for instance, no excuse for wearing beige socks. Anyway, he tells Carter he's worried about him. Carter seems to have called Chase on the break and been advised to act understanding, and he says, "Look, I'm okay. I got angry, and I shouldn't have. Not that I didn't have a right! [But] I'm okay." Mark asks, "You didn't talk to anyone, did you? Any psychiatrists?" Carter admits that he didn't, and then takes the fakest drag on his cigarette. Okay, even I -- who have smoked all of an eighth of a cigarette in my life -- could tell that he didn't inhale; he just sucked down the smoke and swallowed it. He isn't exhaling anything! Mark asks why he didn't call any psychiatrists, and Carter says, "I didn't feel like talking. Look, I'm going to be fine. Or, I hope -- no, I will be! It's been rough -- you can understand that. I got stabbed twice in the back with a six-inch butcher knife. I'm in a lot of pain. And this place isn't exactly the easiest work environment. Lucy's dead, which is partly my fault. I haven't slept in months. I had to take more pain medication just to function." Mark glances up at this, and Carter barrels ahead: "I didn't steal it. It was prescribed to me." Mark asks whether Carter took the prescribed amount, and Carter says, "Yeah! More or less." Mark pauses, and says, "I think you need help, Carter." Carter sighs, and says, "Look, I understand that you have to make this your business, but please, please, let me deal with it." Mark asks when Carter's off. Carter says, "Midnight." Mark curtly tells him not to see any more patients. Carter rolls his eyes, and Mark tells him he can work on Q/A chart reviews. Carter insists that he's able to see patients, and Mark tells him, "Carter! You have to trust me. Let me figure this out." Carter nods, pressing his lips together, and, smiling, claps Mark on the shoulder. Mark gets up and walks back inside. As Carter watches him go, the smile fades from his lips, and he clasps his hands, looking lost. For about ten minutes. That word you're looking for, Jack Orman, is, "CUT."

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