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Abby and Jake wheel Mrs. McDow up to the cath lab. Abby explains that she has a blocked blood vessel, which caused her to pass out, so the cardiologist will insert a catheter into her heart to unblock the vessel. Mrs. McDow asks if it will hurt, and Abby promises she'll be sedated. Abby offers to call a family member. Mrs. McDow has a son in Seattle. Jake asks if she has any friends to join her, and Mrs. McDow says it's just her and her dog. Jake says that his shift is almost over, and he loves the cath lab, so he'll hang with her. Abby smiles at him. Mrs. McDow asks in disbelief if he wants to stay with her. Jake says he'll be quiet and he won't bug her or anything. Abby and Jake leave the curtain area so that a nurse can do an assessment. Abby tells Jake that was a nice offer, and Jake says he really does like the cath lab. Abby tells him he did a great job on his rotation, and that she probably should have mentioned it sooner. Jake thanks her. Abby tells him to let her know if he needs any help down the line. Jake chuckles. Abby says awkwardly that it's good that he switched to work with Neela, because she's smart and it's good to have variety. Jake says he was wondering about something. Abby says cautiously, "Yeeeeah?" He asks where she thinks Gertie's blockage is. Heh.

Pratt tells Luka to leave him out of it the next time he wants to start a turf war with Dubenko. Luka says it's not about power, it's about the patient. Pratt says that they've seen hundreds of gunshot victims, so he doesn't know why Luka thinks that he's right and Dubenko is wrong. Luka says that if you have a strong gut feeling about something, you have to listen to it. Pratt wants Luka to admit they were wrong, but Luka says they don't know that yet. Pratt thinks it made them look like fools. Luka says, "Is that what you're worried about? Nothing will get a doctor into bigger trouble than the fear of looking stupid. Trust me."

Abby and Jake head for the elevator. Abby asks if he's on nights for the rest of his rotation. Jake says he is. Abby says that she's on days, so this is the end for them. Jake says it's too bad. Abby abruptly turns and gets into the elevator. I'm sorry that Maura Tierney isn't on a sitcom anymore, because she has great comic timing. I'm glad that Abby has had some more light-hearted moments this season, because she can pull them off. Anyway, Jake stops the elevator door from closing, just like you knew he would. He says he's sure Neela's a good doctor, but that's not why he switched shifts. He did it so that, after today, he wouldn't be Abby's student anymore. He tells her to fill out his evaluation tonight, seal the envelope, and turn it in. He concludes, "Because tomorrow night: you and me, we're going out." Abby blushes and says they're not. Jake says they are. They continue to trade "No, we're not" and "Yes, we are" until the elevator door closes. Some people got a creepy stalker vibe from Jake, and I think part of that is because Eion Bailey seems high all the time. But I think either the writers, the director, or Maura Tierney herself went to great lengths to show that Abby is encouraging him and reciprocating his interest, but trying to do the right thing professionally by saying no. At least that's my interpretation. If Abby really meant that she didn't want to date him, and wasn't all coy and giggly about it, then Jake's actions would seem a lot creepier.

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