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Abby walks up to her front door and finds Jake waiting for her. He calls out to her so that she won't be surprised. You'd think someone who was (a) beaten up by a psycho neighbor and (b) kidnapped recently would be a little more freaked out by someone showing up on her doorstep. I know in the movies and TV, it's supposed to be romantic, but given Abby's history, I'd think she'd be a little more creeped out. Even if Jake is hot. I guess it's more like when Doug used to just show up at Carol's house, and in real life she would be annoyed, but it's George Freaking Clooney, so she just had sex with him. Boy, I miss Doug. Anyway, Abby asks what he's doing there. Jake says that she never signed off on his charts. Abby asks if he staked out her apartment just so she could sign his book. Jake reminds her, "All student-teacher relations have to be wrapped up by tomorrow. That is very important." Abby joins him on the stoop and signs off on his book. She asks how he knew where she lives. Jake says he asked at the residency office. Abby is surprised they gave out her address so easily. Jake says it's disturbing, really, and that they even gave out her phone number. Abby says they must have thought he looked like a nice guy. Jake says he's not that nice. Abby says she might need to change her number. Jake thinks that's a good idea. Abby congratulates him for officially finishing his ER rotation. They stare at each other for a minute, and then Abby moves in for a kiss. That's another example where I thought they were trying to show that Abby wants this as much as Jake does, to counter the creepy stalker angle. They start making out. A truck goes by on the street, and they're already inside.

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