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Abby helps Jake to interpret an X-ray. Jake asks, "Is the problem that I'm a student, or that I'm your student?" Abby ignores him, and Jake says he's just trying to isolate the issue. Abby walks off, saying that she's his supervisor. Jake says it's just temporary. Abby says that his evaluation form is sitting in her box, right now. Dirty! Abby grabs another chart and tries to get back to work as Jake asks if she's going to let "some false sense of hierarchy get in the way of this?" Abby says that if he doesn't shut up, she'll flunk him.

Jake and Abby walk into a curtain area and speak to their patient, Mrs. McDow, a seventy-two-year-old woman with nausea. Jake asks if her chest is bothering her, and she says that she thinks she's having heart pains. Jake takes her pulse while Abby asks if this has ever happened before. Mrs. McDow says it does sometimes, while she's walking her dog. She keeps talking about how her husband brought the dog home from the pound as Jake reports that her pulse is racing. Mrs. McDow adds that her husband passed away, and Abby expresses her condolences. Jake reels off a list of medications for the woman, and Abby explains that they're going to give her medicine now to help with the pain, and then Jake will get her an EKG. Mrs. McDow responds, "You're the boss," and Jake agrees, "Yes, she is!"

Pratt looks into a kid's throat as the kid's mom says that he's only been in his new school for a month and he's already missed five days. Pratt asks if he has a sore throat or stuffy nose, and the kid kind of shrugs. His older brother says that he's quiet, and the mom adds that he just said he didn't feel well enough to go to school. So he's faking it. What kind of mom can't figure that one out? Pratt checks the kid's ears as the mom's cell phone rings. Pratt asks how long the kid has had tubes in his ears. The mom doesn't know, and explains that she's really the stepmom. The boys lived with their mother until she went to jail for selling meth. The older brother looks embarrassed that Stepmonster just blurted that out. Pratt goes to listen to the kid's chest, and when the kid lifts up his shirt, he reveals a giant scratch across his chest. Not like a cat scratch. More like a dinosaur scratch. Pratt asks about it, and the Stepmonster and the brother act like they've never seen it before. Sam walks in with a strep culture kit and flinches when she sees the scratch. Pratt asks Thomas (the kid) how he got it. Thomas is silent. He looks at his brother, and then shrugs. Pratt assures the kid that it's okay to tell him, and Thomas says he doesn't remember.

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