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As Luka and Sam walk back across the street, Sam explains that Surgery and ER have butted heads in every hospital she's ever worked in, and that it's nothing personal. Sam adds, "Surgeons have to believe that they're better and smarter than everyone else. It's a defense mechanism to make up for their terrible lifestyle." Like ER doctors have such great schedules. Although I guess they're not on call in the same way that surgeons are. Anyway. Luka is still obsessing, and Sam tells him, "It's a pissing match, Luka. Let it go! Besides, you're taller and sexier, and you already got the girl." Damn, Goran Visjnic is fine in those sunglasses. Luka insists that it's not about ego, and Sam sarcastically asks, "It's not?"

Carter and the paramedics roll in a guy with an arrow sticking out of his stomach. I feel like we've seen this one before, or maybe the patient had an arrow in his head. Arrowbelly is moaning about the pain. Shane rolls up and asks what happened. Arrowbelly explains that they made him balance an apple on his head while they all shot an arrow at him. Carter asks who "they" are, and Arrowbelly says it was "the DKE brothers." I think that's a real fraternity. I wonder if they'll sue. That reminds me of the time that my older brother and his best friend convinced me to stand against the side of the garage while they whipped small bits of clay at me to see how close they could come without actually hitting me. Hey, I was, like, six. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Until one of them hit me and I started crying. Anyway, I was six, not nineteen, and it was clay, not arrows. Arrowbelly says that they told him that arrows had a plastic tip and wouldn't hurt him. Darlene says sardonically, "They were wrong." Arrowbelly's friend says that they didn't think he would let them do it. Darlene sighs, "God, I'm glad I'm not a guy." Yeah, because fraternities have the monopoly on stupid hazing techniques. Girls are bitches too, man.

Pratt hands Thomas a note for school and reminds him not to climb any more fences until he's much older. He gives Stepmonster the aftercare instructions, and the family prepares to leave. Wendall walks up, shocked, and asks them to hold on one second. Stepmonster says that she really has to go to work, but agrees to wait for a moment. Wendall asks Pratt why he's discharging them, because she didn't complete her assessment. Pratt says she found out what happened, so her work there is done. Wendall says that if Pratt wants her to consult, he needs to wait for her assessment. Pratt says that she said the injury was consistent with Thomas's story. Wendall says again that she hasn't completed her evaluation, and that she won't sign off until she's interviewed Thomas alone. Pratt scoffs that he doesn't need her to sign off. I think Wendall is wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, which doesn't seem very professional. Malarkey runs up and says he has a sixteen-year-old girl with abdominal pain, and that he wants Wendall to do the sexual history, because the patient would rather talk to a woman. So why not get Jane or someone to do it? Wendall says sharply, "I am sick and tired of you all using social work as a crutch whenever your patient's needy or smells bad or you just don't want to spend time with them." Malarkey says that the girl actually smells kind of good, and Wendall takes the chart. Wendall returns to Pratt, saying that he should have paged her before discharging Thomas. Pratt asks if she's saying they call her too often, or not enough. Before Wendall can respond, Stepmonster walks up and says she's going to lose her job if they don't leave right now. Pratt assures her that she's all set, and Wendall just stands there, mouth open, and watches them leave.

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