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In Trauma Green, Arrowbelly asks when they're going to take the arrow out. Carter says they'll do it up in the operating room. Shane reports that Dubenko is on his way. Shane can't find a vein for an IV, and neither can Abby. Sam asks if anyone checked his feet, and ties off an ankle. Carter tells Abby to set up for a central line, and Abby passes it off to Darlene, who says that Jake said she was cool about letting students do procedures. She adds, "Actually, that's how he sold me on the switch." Abby hasn't heard anything about a switch. Arrowbelly asks if anyone called his mom, and Sam promises that they're working on it. Darlene explains that Jake switched shifts with her so that he can finish his rotation by working nights with Neela supervising. Carter tells Arrowbelly that they're going to intubate, and Shane promises that, when he wakes up, he'll be recuperating sans arrow. Sam gets a vein in the foot. Darlene keeps explaining that Jake said he wanted to get a sense of how other interns work. Carter notes that Arrowbelly's blood pressure is dropping, and tells Abby to go next door and get the rapid infuser.

Abby walks into Trauma Yellow as Pratt and Luka gown up to perform a DPL (which I'm going to look up later, but I'm going to assume is some sort of lavage, based on what happens next). Pratt says they hardly do them anymore, because it's archaic. Luka thinks CTs have made doctors lazy, and that DPL is a more highly sensitive test under these circumstances. Pratt reminds him that Dubenko didn't want them touching his patient. Luka says DPL is "safe, it's faster, and it's indicated in penetrating thoracic injury." Lysander asks if there is always this much debate, and Abby pipes up that it's only for the really important stuff. Lysander is excited. Abby says she's stealing their rapid infuser, and Luka tells her to send Darlene in to watch the procedure. Luka explains to Lysander that they are going to make an incision in his belly, and then run a liter of saline through. If the fluid is clear, Lysander is fine, but if there's any blood in it, he needs an operation. Lysander thinks it makes sense. Pratt says again that Lysander's not their patient, and that Dubenko will freak out.

Carter walks into the break room, where Susan is drinking coffee. He reports that Arrowbelly went up to the OR. Susan is quiet, and it's awkward. Carter says he was never in a fraternity. He stops and apologizes to Susan for not being the best team player. Susan sighs with relief that they're apologizing, and says she was out of line, because even though she's juggling a lot, she shouldn't have taken it out on Carter. She totally should have! He was being a dick. Carter says it was lot easier being a resident, because the Attendings made all the tough calls and protected them from administrative crap. Susan says it didn't seem that way at the time, because "students want to be residents, residents want to be Attendings." That's why I've learned (at my day job) to just realize that I like my current job instead of bucking for promotion. I'll take quality of life over money any day. At least while I make enough money to fund my opulent lifestyle (e.g. buy Pop-Tarts by the case and keep my dog in rawhide bones). Carter says that Attendings just want to be left alone. He smiles at Susan as he walks out, and she smiles back.

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