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Wendall tells Carter that she's not consulting for the ER for the rest of the day. Carter asks who is covering, and Wendall says that no one is: "The ER's blacklisted." Can she do that? Carter is shocked. Wendall is pissed that doctors only listen to other doctors, and tells Carter to call a candy striper if they need someone to keep a patient company. Yeah, but then the candy stripers will try to pass it off on the Girl Scouts who are volunteering that week, who will just fuck off and go eat some cookies, and then where will we be? Carter watches Wendall walk away and blinks in surprise.

Luka gives Pratt instructions on how to perform the DPL. Lysander asks if he's a student, and Pratt, annoyed, says that Darlene is. Pratt continues to work. Darlene offers to hold a clamp, but Pratt refuses. Lysander asks who long Pratt has been a doctor, and Pratt says, as he finishes the incision, that it's been three years. Chuny pops in to say that one of Luka's patients is coding, and that Malarkey is in there alone. Luka tells Pratt to dump in a warm liter of saline and let gravity pull it out; it should take about twenty minutes. Pratt asks what they should do if Dubenko shows up, and Luka says they should call him. Darlene asks if she should follow Luka, and Pratt says she should, leaving him and Sam alone with Lysander.

Lysander says that Luka seems like a good boss, and Pratt says he's one of many bosses. Lysander says he's had the same boss all fourteen years of his job. His name is Jack Meegly, and insists on being called Mr. Meegly even though Lysander is older than he is. Sam thinks the guy sounds like a jerk. Pratt threads in some tubing and starts the saline flowing. Lysander says that he rearranged a display in his store last night, and Meegly made him change it all back the next morning. Lysander is pissed that he doesn't have the authority to change the displays in his own department. Pratt sympathizes, "Sucks to be the middleman." Lysander says that he's worked holidays to cover for Meegly while he cheats on his wife with a girl who works in cosmetics. Today, Lysander had enough, so he went to the firearms section, grabbed a gun and some bullets, went into Meegly's office, and fired the gun into the air. Pratt raises his eyebrows. Lysander smirks and says he didn't mean to hurt the guy. Sam says that explains the handcuffs and the cop stationed outside. Pratt asks what happened next. Lysander says that Meegly grabbed the gun out of his hands, and then he trails off, holding back tears. Sam asks, "He shot you?" Meegly rolls his eyes and says, "Story of my life." Pratt says, "I thought I had it bad."

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