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Luka and Abby talk about graduation, which he seems interested in attending, but Abby says she's not planning on going. "It's boring!" she says. ["True. I tried to get out of mine, but since my dad was the registrar at my university and signed and handed out the diplomas to me and my fellow graduands, I kind of couldn't." -- Wing Chun] Luka's startled, until Abby admits that it seems a bit pointless to go to the ceremony, considering that she might not even get to practice medicine after the ceremony. But Weaver approaches, so she shuts up; Weaver asks to speak with her. Abby thanks Luka quickly for showing interest, and follows Weaver down the hall.

After some kind small talk about Henry, Weaver coughs and tries to ask subtly whether Abby got confirmation of her match list. "Couple weeks ago, yeah," she says. "With your clinical skills, I'm sure you'll do very well," Weaver says generically. Abby knows that's not why Weaver sought her out, so she gets Weaver to keep talking. Weaver tells her, off the record, that Abby's in their top twenty, so if County is her first choice, she's guaranteed to match there. "I thought we weren't supposed to talk about this," Abby says curiously. Weaver looks as guilty as a human being possibly can. Silence. Abby realizes that Weaver found out she failed her boards the first time around, and snaps, "I took them again last week." Adopting the voice she'd use to talk to a small and very stupid child, Weaver basically explains -- hypothetically, of course -- that if a student failed a second time, whatever program he or she matched with would be short an intern; however, if his or her first-choice hospital were to delete him or her from its list before the deadline, then the hypothetical would-be intern match with his/her second choice, thereby putting that hospital in the position of being understaffed. Basically, she's saying that if Abby chose County, Weaver wants to know so that she can consider deleting Abby from their list, thereby putting the liability on another hospital if Abby fails again and can't start her internship. Clearly, Weaver thinks Abby has as much chance of passing her boards as I do becoming an eye doctor. Pissed, especially in light of how supportive she'd been until now, Abby "hypothetically" vows to report any chief of staff who would act in such a way. She flounces off angrily, leaving a sputtering Weaver to marinate in her own total ineptitude and jerkwaddery.

Sam skips out of the hospital and up to Luka. "Where to? I'm starving!" she grins, gazing up at him happily. Luka uncomfortably lies that he's tired and needs to back out of their date. Sam immediately smells a rat, because she slept with one once and it fathered her child, so she knows that odor inside and out. "Does this have something to do with Steve?" she asks. "I keep telling him he's got to find another place to crash." Does she, though? Luka shrugs that he thinks this is confusing for Alex. Sam insists that Alex isn't confused, but Luka decides that this just isn't that simple, and says nothing more. Is he a grownup? Is Sam? Well, I don't really think she is, but I am just suddenly -- courtesy of this episode -- tired of the two of them doing this stupid dance. I don't think that the key to Luka reconnecting with life here is this relationship, because it's made him a spineless doormat. He's mooning after her and waiting around for her and letting her ridiculous, stubbly lump of a deadbead ex dictate what he says and does. I don't buy that the strong, assertive, revitalized Luka who returned from the Congo would stand for this junk, and I don't think he'd be impressed with Sam's wishy-washy behavior on the matter. But, as written, all Luka does is frown. He's silent, and he frowns. BORING. This relationship is fucking boring. Steve has made it worse. Sam watches him, and hangs her head a bit, probably because she knows she sucks. I have tried to like her. I can't. She's tiresome and not worth the trouble, and -- yes -- Steve has made her worse. Because I just don't care. "Want me to give you a lift?" he asks finally. "No, that's okay," Sam says, leaving. We fade out on Luka's mournful expression, and we hope that it's the last time we see that particular arrangement of his pretty features, because it's stopped being sexy and started being drippy.

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