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Fauxburn calls Carter out of the room and informs him that they're going to move Kem downstairs so they can monitor her a bit longer. "Has she held the baby yet?" she asks, worried. Carter shakes his head. Fauxburn insists that in her twenty years of doing this, she has learned one thing: dead babies are gross. Oh, also, that Kem will regret not holding her baby for the rest of her life. Carter stares at her, wishing she were Amy Aquino.

Elizabeth hands off the birth control and pills to Rachel. "You still need to use condoms," she says. As if Rachel's been using them in the first place. Rachel notices the name on the prescription and wonders thickly why Elizabeth didn't do it herself. Elizabeth answers rather sensibly that when Vulcan Jen inevitably goes rummaging through all of Rachel's things, looking for drugs and incriminating tidbits, Elizabeth doesn't want to be the one at the other end of the wrath of Khan. "Lawson -- is he that British guy from yesterday?" Rachel asks. "Do you like him more than [Minivan]?" Elizabeth rather defensively insists that she's just getting the occasional movie and meal with them; I didn't know those were euphemisms for sex, but okay, whatever she wants. "It's okay," Rachel says gently. "Dad would want you to be happy." Elizabeth is silent. "Do you miss him?" Rachel asks. Elizabeth quietly ponders how to field this question without doing a spit-take, or laughing out loud. "Yes, I do," she says, actually sounding a little surprised, which I find hilarious. "Me too," Rachel confesses. Elizabeth's eyes moisten, and she smiles and squeezes her stepdaughter's arm.

Abby and Luka have gone up to visit Carter. Why not Chen? I'm a little tired of this threesome being positioned in various geometric shapes. Carter thanks them for coming, but insists that they should go home, especially because Abby might miss her graduation. "I was going to miss it anyway," she shrugs. Stephen arrives with coffee for everyone, and Carter offers his gratitude again, but restates that he thinks they should go home, because he and Kem are fine. Luka and Abby meet each other's gaze for a second, and apparently deem him sincere, because they rise to their feet. "If you..." Abby begins. Carter nods smugly. God, there he goes again -- The Face is back. I had hoped we'd be free for at least one whole episode, but apparently that is impossible. Abby leans down and kisses Carter affectionately on the head. Luka clearly considers doing the same, but settles for a chaste handshake, because the maternity ward is not the place to indulge their secret passion. Carter turns to Stephen and says, "You too, Dad." But Stephen shrugs it off. "I think I'll stay," he says blithely. Carter seems touched.

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