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Luka chases Abby after the ceremony and congratulates her. He touches her elbow with awkward affection. Susan comes up and exclaims that she's so proud of Abby, and invites her out to get some food with them. "No, I'm tired, but thanks," Abby demurs. "And thank you for coming." She turns and leaves. Okay, then. Luka turns away and sees Sam wearing a fabulous white spring trench and chatting away to someone with a hand on Alex's neck. Steve sees Luka and puts a possessive hand on Sam's shoulder. Luka, because he is boring, resists the urge to walk up there and flirt with Sam so relentlessly that Steve starts to cry, or bond with Alex so successfully that Steve actually keels over from suffocating on his own jealousy. Sigh. I hate that I miss Luka the Man Whore so much. It feels dirty. But at least when he was rakishly charming the pants off the hospital nurses, he was having fun.

Abby opens her diploma case, and the certificate reads, "Graduation pending." She appears to blow a raspberry or something, which she shouldn't do with the duck lips. Really. It's not helping her cause. Then she calls Maggie. "Good to hear your voice too," she says, sounding like a lost little girl. "Hey, Mom, guess what. I graduated today," she says. "Really! Can you believe it?" Aw, poor lonely Abby, blah blah blah. Let's please not go back there when she had been becoming a lot more stable.

Carter walks around Kem's bed, forcing her to face him. She hasn't moved. He re-explains that this is her last chance to see her son. She is wordless. "I don't know what the right thing is to say," he says, his voice leaping up a few registers. "And I don't know what the right thing to do is. It was an accident." Kem begins to sniffle. Her face is making all the right movements and she's making all the right noises, but I can't see any tears coursing down her cheeks at all. "I love you," Carter pleads. "And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But we have to say goodbye to our son now. I have to help you do that, and I don't know how to do that. Please help me. Please." Thandie Newton still, uncharacteristically, looks like she's totally faking like she's crying without actually shedding a tear. It's ooky. But she gulps and nods, and sits up as the violins return to their oppressive symphony of fetal gloom. Carter picks up ExCartus, wrapped tightly in cloth, and carries him to Kem's arms. She falls in love with his face instantly. "He's beautiful," she gasps, touching him lovingly and then clutching him tightly to her chest as Carter sits behind her, patting her and cooing that he loves her and that they're going to be okay. We leave them there.

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