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Fauxburn tells a sobbing Kem that they're not entirely sure why the baby died, but that they'll need to admit her so that they can begin inducing labor. Carter blinks, tomato-red. He is actually setting off my father's food allergy right now. "An induction?" Kem whispers, wiping her eyes. "I have to go through labor?" Fauxburn is apologetic. I do wish they'd explained why Kem has to go through labor. They never give her the C-section option, and never explain why that's not a choice she can make. I'd have liked to see Kem being given the decision, and the risks, and having tochoose to deliver her dead son for one reason or another. Feels like the mark was missed here, as it often is. As Fauxburn backs out of the room to start the paperwork, Kem turns away from Carter and squeezes her eyes shut.

Carter follows Fauxburn and more or less sputters that he doesn't understand. I'm not sure why he thinks this is going to trigger some new realization in her -- she's already said she doesn't understand it, either. Fauxburn promises to do an autopsy, and tells Carter that the induction may take as long as twenty-four hours. She touches his arm sympathetically and turns away. Carter sighs, blowing the air out of his cheeks in the vain hope that it will deflate them, or at least release some of the water that he's retaining. He's an aquatic packrat.

Neela keeps after Pratt about Fry Cook, fretting that no one's answering his telephone. "Seventeen-year-olds don't have trouble with high blood pressure," Pratt says, with the kind of definitive, unshakeable confidence that ensures he will be proven grossly wrong. Doesn't this show ever get tired of executing this ridiculous tug-of-war? Neela exposits that left ventricular hypertrophy, when placed on a mantelpiece and left there to collect dust and tarnish and dead flies, will cause congestive heart failure and sudden death. That's why so many of us gave our science fair trophies to Goodwill. "You're a cardiologist now?" Pratt sasses. "I looked it up on the internet," Neela says smugly. A nearby Malarkey says, "And we all know everything on the internet is true." He has been reading the site. Which means...he can read! Neela wheedles to Pratt that she Mapquested Fry Cook's address, and that it's only ten minutes away. He's annoyed as she rattles off a list of things she'll need to bring there. When Pratt finds out that Fry Cook lives in the projects, he refuses to let Neela go there, but she's resolute. Pratt relents and agrees to go there with her after his shift ends, but only in exchange for some post-intervention Chicken Vindaloo.

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